Who are the top fitness influencers on Instagram?

Who are the top fitness influencers on Instagram?

Below are some of the top fitness influencers on Instagram to help you in your fitness journey:

  1. Eva Andressa @eva-andressa (6.1 million followers)
  2. Jeff Seid @_seid (4 million)
  3. Michelle Lewin (14.3 million)
  4. Jennifer Selter @jenselter (12.4 million)
  5. Kayla Itsines @kayla_itsines (13.5 million)

Who is the best fitness Youtuber?

Check out the top 10 fitness influencers on YouTubers who could double as your personal trainer:

  1. Yoga with Adriene. 6.11M subscribers.
  2. FitnessBlender. 5.91M subscribers.
  3. Blogilates. 4.81M subscribers.
  4. POPSUGAR. 3.55M subscribers.
  5. ScottHermanFitness. 2.34M subscribers.
  6. Bradley Martyn.
  7. The Fitness Marshall.
  8. Kali Muscle.

Does Mari Llewellyn drink alcohol?

When it comes to imbibing, the influencer said she’ll drink a glass of red wine about every two weeks. She also avoids coffee, but has caffeine in her preworkout drinks.

Who is the best female fitness influencer?

Top 27 Female Fitness Influencers:

  • Michelle Lewin.
  • Jennifer Selter.
  • Kayla Itsines.
  • Lauren Drain.
  • Massy Arias.
  • Emily Skye.
  • Rachel Brathen.
  • Alexa Jean Hunt.

Who is fitness influencer?

1. Michelle Lewin. With almost 13 million followers, Michelle Lewin is one of the most prominent Instagram fitness influencers. The 31-year-old went from being a clinic worker in Venezuela to becoming one of the biggest stars in the fitness industry.

Can I trust fit tuber?

Yes you can trust him as he changed my life and my family.

Who is Matt fitness?

MattDoesFitness YouTube channel creator Matt Morsia quit teaching job to become UK’s number one fitness vlogger. With more than a million subscribers, Kent dad Matt Morsia is the UK’s number one fitness YouTuber.

Is Marillewellyn real?

Mari Llewellyn is an entrepreneur and founder of two successful businesses — Bloom Nutrition, Mari Fitness, and her new fitness app SLAY — offering health and wellness products that support a strong mind and body, inside and out.

How much did Mari Llewellyn lose?

Mari Llewellyn was 245 pounds at her heaviest before she changed her lifestyle to focus on weightlifting which has not only led her to lose 72 pounds, she has toned her body into a solid 173 pounds of muscle.

Who is little fitness on Instagram?

Alyssa Olenick, PhD(c), CISSN (@littlelyssfitness) • Instagram photos and videos.