Who are fastfast crew?

Who are fastfast crew?

Fast Crew was formed in Auckland, New Zealand in 1999, and after some experimentation, the group began playing live around Auckland. Their first single Mr Radio was released in 2002 and received high radio and television airplay.

When did fastfast crew release Suburbia Streets?

Fast Crew’s third single from Set the Record Straight, called “Suburbia Streets”, was released in March 2005 and reached a height of No. 10 in NZ.

Why did the Fast Crew break up?

The Fast Crew’s efforts in breaking the Australian market were dealt a small blow in late 2005 after it was found that the group had used an unauthorised sample of the Eagles ‘s song ” Victim of Love ” in their track “It’s the Incredible”. The album and single were immediately withdrawn in both the New Zealand and Australian markets.

What does Fastcrew stand for?

Fast Crew (or fastCREW) were a New Zealand hip hop group consisting of five members – Dane Rumble (aka Kid Deft), Jeremy Kent-Johnston (Jerome Fortune), Diablo Deville (Brad Devcich), Gemma Copas and DJ Alias (Josh Thorne).