Which roots school is best?

Which roots school is best?

The Millennium Education TME The Millennium Education is also known as Roots Millennium School is the best school in Pakistan with a legacy of 33 years in academic brilliance established by Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq (Tamgha-i-Imtiaz).

How can I get admission in Roots?

The documents to be attached with the Admission Form include:

  1. – Photocopy of Provisional Certificate and of Character Certificate from last institution attended.
  2. – Original School Leaving Certificate from the previous school or college.
  3. – 2 recent passport size photographs.
  4. – Progress or Report card from last school.

What is the fees of beaconhouse school?

Class II to V: PKR 29,750 (per month) Class VI: PKR 28,690 (per month) Class VII to XI: PKR 31,930 (per month) A Level – I: PKR 35,190 (per month) A Level – II: PKR 35,190 (per month)

Is Roots FSc Co education?

Classes and Admissions 2021 – 2022 The classes in this campus of Roots College International Satellitown Campus are Gender Neutral (Co-Education) at junior level..

Which is the most expensive school in Pakistan?

Karachi, April 2, 2019: According to an estimate, Beaconhouse extracts from 5 to 6 billion rupees monthly and 60 to 70 billion rupees per year from Pakistanis.

Is roots a good school?

Roots School System – Voted as the best education providing institute in Pakistan.

Does roots offer scholarship?

Scholarships for AS & A Levels are limited and are offered through the ‘Roots High Flyers Scholarship Programme RHFSP’ sponsored by the Founding Director Mrs. Khadija Mushtaq.

What is the fees of Millennium School Lucknow?

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee
Admission Fee XI 48000
Composite Annual Fee Per month Quarterly paid
PN-KG 6750 20250

Which school is best in Pakistan?

Our List of Top 10 Schools in Pakistan 2021:

  • Beaconhouse School System.
  • Lahore Grammar Schools.
  • Roots Millennium School.
  • Karachi Grammar School.
  • The City School.
  • Dar-e-Arqam Schools.
  • Pak-Turk International school.
  • Sadiq Public School.

What is the fees of A levels in Pakistan?

Lab Charges PER MONTH BIOLOGY, PHYSICS,CHEMISTRY: Rs. 1000/- per subject per month. Admissions are based strictly on merit….

Admission Fee Rs.42,000/= (once)
Annual Charges Rs. 13,000/- (per annum)
Tution Fee Rs.21,500/- (per month)
Total Charges Rs.76,500/-

Does roots Ivy offer FSc?

Roots IVY College – FA, FSc, I Com, ICS.

Is Roots or beaconhouse better?

Beaconhouse School employees rated their Overall Rating 0.9 higher than Roots School System employees rated theirs. Beaconhouse School employees rated their Career Opportunities 0.6 higher than Roots School System employees rated theirs.