Which area comes under Villupuram district?

Which area comes under Villupuram district?

Viluppuram, Villupuram or Vizhuppuram is one of the 38 districts that make up the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It was founded on 30 September 1993, prior to which it was part of the Cuddalore district….

Viluppuram District
Established 1993
Headquarters Viluppuram

How many Taluks are there in Villupuram district?

There are two Revenue Divisions, Nine Revenue Taluks, Two Municipalities (Viluppuram and Tindivanam), Eight Town Panchayats, 13 Panchayat Unions and 688 Village Panchayats in the District.

What is the old name of Villupuram district?

Cuddalore district
Villupuram district was formed on 30th September 1993 by bifurcating the erstwhile composite South Arcot district. The residual part of the district was named as Cuddalore district. It is the 23rd district of Tamil Nadu.

When was Villupuram district formed?

30th September 1993
Viluppuram (also Villupuram and Vizhupuram) is one of the thirty two districts of Tamil Nadu state located on the southern tip of India. The district headquarters is located at Viluppuram. Viluppuram district came into existence on 30th September 1993 when it was created out of South Arcot district.

Who is Villupuram district collector?

Thiru. D. Mohan I.A.S
District Administration

Name Designation Phone
Thiru. D. Mohan I.A.S District Collector 04146-222470
Dr. N. Shreenatha I.P.S Superindendant of Police 04146-223555
Thiru. A. Rajasekaran District Revenue Officer 04146-222128
Thiru. R. Sankar Project Officer 04146-223432

How many villages are there in Villupuram district?

Revenue Administration

Name Total
Revenue Divisions 2
Revenue Taluks 9
Revenue Firkas 34
Revenue Villages 928

What is special in Villupuram?

It is well connected by the rail road and it is major junction. From here one can go to any corner of the Tamil Nadu as well as to other part of India. This district is having variety of tourist spots which are more than 100 years old. The district has temples, masques and churches which are very old and famous.

How many villages are there in Villupuram?

How many VAO are there in Villupuram district?

Revenue Villages – 928

Sl.No. Name of Taluk No Of Revenue Villages
1. Viluppuram 123(PDF 1.8MB)
2. Vanur 81(PDF 1.8MB)
3. Tindivanam 174(PDF 1.7MB)
4. Gingee 166(PDF 1.8MB)

Who is the collector of Villupuram?

Thiru. D. Mohan

Who is the district collector of Villupuram?

Who is the MP of Villupuram?

Viluppuram (Lok Sabha constituency)

Incumbent D. Ravikumar
Parliamentary Party Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
Elected Year 2019
Constituency Details

What are the key facts of Viluppuram district Tamil Nadu?

Viluppuram district of Tamil Nadu is spread over an area of 7,250 Sq. km. According to 2001 census, the total population of the district is 29,60,373, comprising 14,92,442 males and 14,67,931 females. The main crops grown in Viluppuram district are paddy, colam, ragi, cumbu, redgram, blackgram, horsegram and varage.

How far is Villupuram from Chennai?

The Villupuram District is around four hours journey (150 Km) from the Tamil Nadu Capital Chennai. The Villupuram District contains many educational institutions and tourists places. The district also contains many historical monuments such as Gingee Fort.

What does vizhupppuram mean?

Vizhuppuram district lies in the way of the national highway connecting Tiruchirappalli and Chennai, and contains historical landmarks like the 500 year-old Gingee Fort . Vizhuppuram district was once a part of the South Arcot district along with the Cuddalore district.

How many hospitals are there in Viluppuram District 21?

In Viluppuram District 21 Hospitals are functioning to look after the Health and Family welfare of the people. Out of this 10 Hospitals come under allopathy, 9 under Siddha and 2 under Homeopathy, with staff strength of 140 Doctors, 149 Nurses and 279 Technical persons.