Where is the best deer hunting in Florida?

Where is the best deer hunting in Florida?

In south Florida, J.W. Corbett WMA (60,000 acres, Palm Beach County) and Big Cypress WMA (730,000 acres, Collier, Miami-Dade, Monroe counties) are two of the best public spots to take a deer with a bow, according to Wes Seitz, public hunting area biologist for the FWC.

Is there good deer hunting in Florida?

Oh well – deer hunting in Florida is a genuine adventure. And, it would be a mistake to discount the quality of deer here. As a region, the Panhandle has the highest-scoring deer. But, the counties that comprise the spine of the state, from Alachua and Marion and into Polk and Osceola, offer a shot at a whopper, too.

Can I hunt on my own land in Florida?

On private property with landowner permission, wild hogs may be hunted year-round day or night without restriction (i.e., by all lawful methods with no bag/possession limits, no size limits and no licenses/permits required).

What hunting is available in Florida?

About hunting in Florida White-tailed deer and wild hogs are the most commonly hunted species, but Florida also offers a number of unique hunting opportunities, including alligators, Burmese pythons, and Osceola turkeys.

How much is a deer tag in Florida?

License and permit exemptions

Hunting Permits and Related Licenses (Resident and Nonresident) Annual 5-Year (Residents only)
Deer Permit $5.00 $25.00
Archery Season Permit $5.00 $25.00
Crossbow Season Permit $5.00 $25.00
Muzzleloading Gun Season Permit $5.00 $25.00

What county in Florida has the biggest deer?

Marion ranks as the number one county in which to find trophy bucks. In November 2015, Rick Moyer shot a buck that taped an impressive 164 B&C. Over the last five years, Marion County hunters have logged 130 Florida Registry bucks scoring an average of 112 B&C.

What Animals Can you hunt without a license in Florida?

Eddie White, quota hunt coordinator for the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, said the following may be taken year-round on private property: wild hogs (where hogs are not a game species), rabbits, raccoons, opossums, coyotes, nutria, skunks, armadillos and beavers.

Can you carry a pistol while bow hunting in Florida?

Florida Statute 790.25 addresses lawful ownership, possession, and use of firearms and other weapons, and section 3(h) specifies: Anyone “engaged in fishing, camping, or lawful hunting or going to or returning from a fishing, camping, or lawful hunting expedition” can openly carry a firearm.

Where can I hunt deer in Florida without a quota?

No-quota permit WMAs to hunt Osceola wild turkeys

  • Big Bend WMA – Jena Unit.
  • Big Cypress WMA.
  • Green Swamp WMA.
  • Herky Huffman/Bull Creek WMA.
  • W. Corbett WMA.
  • Jumper Creek WMA.
  • Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Area.
  • Kissimmee River Public Use Area.

Where can you hunt for free in Florida?

Hunting Florida’s national wildlife refuges (NWR)

  • Chassahowitzka NWR, 1502 Southeast Kings Bay Dr., Crystal River, FL 34429; 352-563-2088.
  • Ten Thousand Islands NWR, 12085 State Road 29 South, Immokalee FL 34142; 239-657-8001.
  • A.R.M.
  • Lower Suwannee NWR, 16450 NW 31st Place, Chiefland, FL 32626; 352-493-0238.

Is baiting deer illegal in Florida?

It’s against the law to feed or use bait on WMAs. You may not use dogs to hunt deer or turkeys during archery season, but you may use bird dogs if you’re quail hunting. However, you may use a dog on a leash to help you trail any wounded game.

Do you need a permit to hunt deer in Florida?

To hunt during general gun season, hunters must have a Florida hunting license and a deer permit. If hunting a wildlife management area, a management area permit is required. In addition, a quota hunt permit may be required to participate in designated hunts on select wildlife management areas.

Is hunting legal in Florida?

It is legal in Florida to equip a crossbow with a scope. It is not legal to transport a crossbow in a vehicle with it in the cocked position. Deer can be hunted with them as long as hunter orange is displayed when the law allows hunters to use a gun for deer hunting.

Where is Hunt Club in Florida?

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Is there hunting in Florida?

Razor Ranch. Forget deer hunting. If you’re in Florida for the exotic game that is the alligator, then head off to this Zolfo Springs location, billed as the number one alligator hunting destination in the state. Make sure you have your specialized permit, however. And be ready, because Razor Ranch truly is one of the best places to hunt in Florida.