Where is Karn after Drenchfort?

Where is Karn after Drenchfort?

It’s best to start looking for Karn only after completing the main quest [The Tears of the Mountain], which is after leaving The Drenchfort. You should find him at the site of another main quest, [To Move a Mountain], namely by the entrance to [The Lost Temple].

How do you find Karn?

You can find Karn in the north-western part of [Stonefather’s Vale]. Depending on preferences, you can go there on foot, through Tri-Stone’s north exit, or by opening the world map and fast travelling. No matter the choice, go to where the screen shows. It will trigger a conversation with Karn.

Where is Karns compass Darksiders 2?

The compass is in the center of the room on the fountain/altar.

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How do you get lost and found in Darksiders 2?

Lost and Found is a set of side quests in Darksiders II, only available with the Death Rides downloadable content. They are given by Karn and parallel the main questline during Death’s time in the Forge Lands. Karn will ask Death to recover three lost items from dungeons in the Forge Lands, and will reward him with the Gauntlets of Savagery.

What is the story of Darksiders 2?

Darksiders II follows the exploits of Death, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, in a weaving tale that runs parallel to the events in the original Darksiders game.

What are the small quests in lost and found?

Small quests Lost and FoundLost and Found Part 2Lost and Found Part 3Shaman’s CraftThe Light of the FallenThe Maker WarriorFind and Kill AchidnaFind and Kill GorewoodFind and Kill BheithirFind and Kill the Deposed KingSilent StoneThe Lost SoulGnoMAD’s GnomesThe Wandering StoneThe BloodlessThe Hammer’s ForgeThe Spark of LifeMakers Chronicle

Where can I find the lost compass in the Lost Temple?

Karn will be at the entrance to the Lost Temple, where he will ask Death to recover his lost compass. The Lost Temple, 1F – The compass can be found in a large garden area containing two chests, on a table under a narrow decorative archway in the center of the room. Return to Karn at any time to give him the compass and compete the objective.