Where is ayinla Omowura from?

Where is ayinla Omowura from?

Abeokuta, Nigeria
Ayinla Omowura/Place of birth

What caused ayinla Omowura death?

The late Apala musician and Abeokuta native Ayinla Omowura, who was a big star in the 1970s and died as a result of a beer parlour brawl, is having another moment in the spotlight.

Who is the founder of Apala music?

Haruna Ishola
Haruna Ishola began recording apala numbers in about 1955, and soon became the most popular artist in the genre, and one of the most respected praise singers in Nigeria.

How many album did ayinla Omowura have?

22 albums
He recorded 22 albums.

When did Yusuf Olatunji died?

December 15, 1978
Yusuf Olatunji/Date of death

How old is Yusuf Olatunji?

69 years (1909–1978)
Yusuf Olatunji/Age at death

Who killed ayinla?

Death. Omowura was killed in a barroom brawl on May 6, 1980 aged 47. He died from a cerebral haemorrhage after being struck on the head with a beer mug by Bayewu, his manager at the time. Bayewu was taken to court and sentenced to death a few years later.

What is the meaning of Apala music?

Apala (or akpala) is a music genre originally developed by the Yoruba people of Nigeria, during the country’s history as a colony of the British Empire. It is a percussion-based style that originated in the late 1930s. It is distinct from, older than, and more difficult to master than fuji music.

What is the meaning of Apala?

In Indian Baby Names the meaning of the name Apala is: Woman cursed with a skin disorder.

How old was barrister before death?

62 years (1948–2010)
Ayinde Barrister/Age at death

Where was Yusuf Olatunji born?

Ogun State, Nigeria
Yusuf Olatunji/Place of birth

When was Yusuf Olatunji born?

Yusuf Olatunji/Date of birth

Who is Ayinla Omowura?

Born in 1933 in Itoko, Abeokuta, Ayinla Omowura, as early as when he was in his teens, was said to have been apprenticed to his father’s blacksmithry trade. Unconfirmed sources said that while growing up, Ayinla Omowura interspersed this early childhood vocation with acting as political thug to some politicians of the time.

Who is Adewole Onilu-Ola?

Forty years after the tragic death of this music legend, the band’s lead drummer, Alhaji Abdul-Rahman Adewole Alao, popularly called Adewole Onilu-Ola, aged 92, tells DAUD OLATUNJI about the late singer, their singing days, how he met Ayinla Omowura, among others. Before you proceed, you can download Ayinla Omowura’s songs here.

What did Ayinla Omowura say about the 1976 Udoji salary increment?

In another breath, Ayinla Omowura sang about the 1976 Udoji salary increment (Vol 7) and like an informed commentator that he was, urged that the largesse be extended to the private sector (e je ka san’wo Udoji na fawon private companies).

Who is Omo Omowura?

Omowura was the son of Yusuff Gbogbolowo, a blacksmith, and Wuramotu Morenike. He did not have formal education and started out working at his father’s smithy but left and went on to working several jobs as a driver, butcher, carpenter and bus park boy.