Where can I drive a sports car in Dubai?

Where can I drive a sports car in Dubai?

The Dubai Autodrome
The Dubai Autodrome is the only place where you can unleash the true potential of your car. Here you can drive as fast as you want on the 5.39 km long race track. The Autodrome boasts one of the best roads to drive fast in the UAE with multiple track outlets.

Are sports cars cheaper in Dubai?

Luxury cars or sports car in the UAE are generally expensive if you buy them brand new but depreciate very quickly over the first two years. Most expats in Dubai will buy a second hand car for a lot less.

Is there a speed limit in Dubai?

What is the speed limit in Dubai? While speed limits are between 25-40km/h (15-25mph) on residential roads, Dubai also has some of the highest speed limits of anywhere in the world. Both the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain (E22) and Sheikh Zayed (E11) highways have limits of up to 100km/h (62mph)2.

Can you race cars in Dubai?

Be driven around the racetrack at high speeds by a professional driving instructor! You can drive a formula single-seater on the 2.46km Club Circuit at Dubai Autodrome.

How much does it cost to rent a Bentley in Dubai?

Depending on the car model, rental rates for a Bentley in Dubai is between AED 1000 to AED 4000 per day and around AED 30,000 per month.

Why choose Renty for sports car rental in Dubai?

At Renty, we have a long track record of sports car rental in Dubai. Our advanced platform, which is accessible on most popular devices, allows users to quickly seek out, compare, then choose a car to rent. The cars we list are available from our trusted providers who have high safety and performance standards.

Is it possible to rent a supercar in Dubai?

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Why are there so many sports cars in Dubai?

In Dubai, sports cars awash major highways. The city is fortunate to have a high-end, luxury lifestyle, thanks to a booming economy and business investment. Many residents and professionals use sports cars, either for business or as a means to drive around the city in style.

Can I rent a car in Dubai from America?

In fact, many tourists and business people from America visit Dubai and enjoy renting our range of vehicles. Additional documentation will be required, however. This includes a valid passport and proof of visa entry. Any extra paperwork will be completed by the rental provider.