When did UL ratings start?

When did UL ratings start?

Established in 1894 as the Underwriters’ Electrical Bureau (a bureau of the National Board of Fire Underwriters), it was known throughout the 20th century as Underwriters Laboratories and participated in the safety analysis of many of that century’s new technologies.

What does UL stand for?

Underwriters’ Laboratories
Underwriters’ Laboratories, or UL as it is universally known, tests and evaluates components and products that allows a certification mark to be placed by the manufacturer. Most common are the “UL Listed” and “UL Recognized” marks.

How many UL standards are there?

With over a century of experience in the development of more than 1,500 Standards, UL is an accredited standards developer in the US and Canada. In extending its global public safety mission, UL Standards partners with national standards bodies in countries around the world to build a safer, more sustainable world.

Is UL for profit?

Underwriters Laboratories, the owners of the UL logo found on electrical appliances is a non-profit organization dedicated to testing product safety.

Why is UL certification important?

UL Certification allows a company to innovate its safety standards and align themselves with industry-wide best practices. Being UL certified illustrates a businesses’ dedication to consumer safety, as well as the quality of their products.

Why was UL created?

UL’s founder was determined to help improve the outcome of future fires. On Dec. 30, 1903, a crowd of nearly 2,000 people squeezed into Chicago’s new Iroquois Theatre, which had been proclaimed “fireproof beyond all doubt” by the local fire inspector and Chicago’s building commissioner just a few weeks earlier.

How long is UL certification?

4. How long does it take to get a UL product certified or listed? Normally around 6 months, counting from the day you have a functional prototype. That said, it can take months (or even years) before you have a prototype that is technically compliant with all applicable UL standards.

Is UL required by law?

Having a UL listed certified unit is not legally required. It is, however, a common practice because many large companies will only buy equipment that has passed the UL safety tests. Having a tested product shows that the equipment meets a nationally recognized safety standard.

What does UL company do?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the largest and best known independent, not-for-profit testing laboratory in the world. Based in Northwood, Illinois, UL conducts safety and quality tests on a broad range of products, from fire doors to CCTV cameras.

What needs to be UL certified?

There is no law in the U.S. requiring UL certification. But commercial building and electrical codes as well as retailers may require it. And if you produce a product designed to meet specific safety criteria or it might pose a safety risk, you definitely need testing.

What is difference between CE and UL?

The letters CE means that the product meets the European Union’s safety standards and other requirements for sale. UL means the product meets the standards of Underwriters Laboratories, a private safety testing organization, and FCC means the product meets the standards of the Federal Communications Commission.

What is UL classified?

UL classified means the product has only been evaluated for specific properties, with regard to a limited range of hazards, or for use under certain conditions. UL certified products are just as safe as UL listed products, but they should only be used in certain situations.