When did KMPC start broadcasting Korean?

When did KMPC start broadcasting Korean?

In 2007, the station was sold to P&Y Broadcasting for $33 million, and it began to air Korean language programming as “Radio Korea”. In April 2013, KMPC began airing Korean language broadcasts of Los Angeles Dodgers baseball games. ^ a b 1971 Broadcasting Yearbook, Broadcasting, 1971.

How many watts does KMPC use at night?

KMPC broadcasts at 50,000 watts by day, the highest power permitted for commercial AM stations. At night, to reduce interference to other stations on AM 1540, KMPC drops its power to 37,000 watts.

Where is the KPOL transmitter located?

The transmitter is off Carter Drive in the El Sereno district of Los Angeles. On September 22, 1952, the station signed on with the call sign KPOL. It ran 5,000 watts and was originally a daytimer, required to be off the air at sunset. It was owned by Coast Radio Broadcasting Corporation.

What are the services provided by KMDA?

KMDA is provided with the funds for implementing the projects on turnkey basis and is allowed to retain service charges at mutually acceptable rates. In KMDA parlance, these are called ‘deposit works’. KMDA has also extended consultancy services to government departments and agencies in specific areas.