What was the first journey of Ibn Battuta?

What was the first journey of Ibn Battuta?

In 1325, at the age of 21, he started his travels by undertaking the pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca. At first his purpose was to fulfill that religious duty and to broaden his education by studying under famous scholars in Egypt, Syria, and the Hejaz (western Arabia).

Where did Ibn Battuta’s journeys finally end?

China marked the beginning of the end of Battuta’s travels. Having reached the edge of the known world, he finally turned around and journeyed home to Morocco, arriving back in Tangier in 1349.

Why did Ibn Battuta came to India?

And it was from Sultan Muhammad Tughluq that Ibn Battuta hoped to gain employment. Thus, to work for this man was dangerous. But the rewards could be great. In late 1334, Ibn Battuta went to Delhi to seek official employment and he signed a contract agreeing that he would stay in India.

What Ibn Battuta wrote about India?

Ibn Battuta’s book of travels, called Rihla, written in Arabic. His account is often compared with that of Marco Polo, who visited China (and also India) from his home base in Venice in the late thirteenth century. Q.

Who was Ibn Battuta’s intended audience?

Ibn Battuta mainly traveled to places with Muslim governments in the areas inside the black border marking the Dar al-Islam. Beyond that, Muslim traders had already ventured out into China, Indonesia and further, and had established small Muslim communities in many regions of the world.

When did Ibn Battuta wrote his book?

The book’s actual title is A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Traveling (Introduction, 1). Battuta kept no journal on his travels and his Rihla was composed from memory and embellished upon by the scholar Ibn Juzay al Kalbi (l. 1321-1357 CE) between c. 1352-1355 CE.

What did Ibn Battuta see in Mecca?

Ibn Battuta saw this world almost in its entirety. Just about everywhere he traveled, he found others who shared his culture, languages, faith or values. As an educated man with legal expertise, he enjoyed hospitality, companionship and offers of employment throughout the Islamic world.

When did Ibn Battuta stop traveling?

Ibn Battuta remained in Mecca for some time (the Rihla suggests about three years, from September 1327 until autumn 1330). Problems with chronology, however, lead commentators to suggest that he may have left after the 1328 hajj.

When did Ibn visit India?

He came to India in 1334. Complete answer: In 1334, Ibn Battuta arrived in India all the way through the mountains of Afghanistan during the time of the Tughlaq dynasty.

What did Ibn Battuta discover?

Finally, a year and half after leaving home, he reached Mecca and completed his pilgrimage. Ibn Battuta discovered during his pilgrimage that he loved to travel. He liked seeing new places, experiencing different cultures, and meeting new people.

Why did Ibn Battuta write about his travels?

Thus, Ibn Battuta’s urge to travel was spurred by interest in finding the best teachers and the best libraries, which were then in Alexandria, Cairo, and Damascus. He also wanted to make the pilgrimage to Mecca, called the “hajj,” as soon as possible, out of eagerness and devotion to his faith.

Why do we know about Ibn Battuta’s travels?

Why do we know about ibn battuta’s travels? His main reason of travel was to go on a hajj, or a pilgrimage to Mecca, to fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam.