What sizes do utility sinks come in?

What sizes do utility sinks come in?

These sinks typically start at 10 inches and go up to as much as 25 inches deep versus a bathroom sink of six to eight inches deep. They come in a square or rectangular in shape, putting every inch of the basin to work. However, not all utility sinks are made alike.

What size are laundry sinks?

Bigger than other household sinks, laundry room sinks are rectangular shapes that are both deeper and wider. They average around 23 inches in width, 20 inches in length, and 13 inches in depth. Size requirements for laundry room sinks are important, but you need to consider other factors before installation.

How much does it cost to install a utility sink?

The cost to have a plumber install a standard utility sink where basic hook-ups and vents are already in place runs about $200-$500, assuming no extensive new piping or venting is required, but it can cost more if extensive work is needed.

Should you have a sink in the laundry room?

The laundry room houses the washing machine, sinks, faucets, pipes, and many other plumbing fixtures and appliances. Sinks are some of the most important fixtures in a laundry room. This is because we do a lot of washing in the laundry room and hence we need the sinks for this purpose.

What is a acrylic sink?

Cast acrylic sinks are made of acrylic material molded into a sink using a cast. This makes for a more lightweight material compared to other sinks. Acrylic also comes in a wide range of colors and can be purchased with a shiny or matte finish.

Do I need a utility sink?

Having a utility sink would come in handy for washing delicate items. It would also be great for soaking grass, wine or blood-stained clothes for hours at a time. I could even just hang them up right over the sink while they drip dry. A utility sink makes hand washing so much easier.

Do you really need a laundry sink?

Sinks are some of the most important fixtures in a laundry room. This is because we do a lot of washing in the laundry room and hence we need the sinks for this purpose. Ordinary sinks will serve you well in your laundry room. But if you really want to make a laundry room work, install a utility sink.

Can I paint a plastic utility sink?

The Washington Post recommends using Krylon Fusion for Plastic and Rust-Oleum Paint for Plastic. The are several factors to keep in mind when using spray-on paint. First, the paint can land around and behind the sink. Be sure to completely cover all areas around the sink.

What is a utility sink used for?

Commonly found in laundry rooms and mudrooms — but can be installed in spaces with enough room, like a large bathroom — utility sinks are a great tool for water-based chores. For laundry, utility sinks are great for pre-rinsing or treating clothes that are heavily stained or handwashing clothes that can’t be thrown in the washing machine.

Can you put a utility sink in a laundry room?

Utility sinks are larger and deeper than regular sinks, making them a perfect addition to the laundry room and garage. Some are more than 20” deep and as such, prevent spillage when washing clothes. Utility sinks placed in the garage come handy when cleaning tools and shoes.

What is the depth of a utility sink?

This is quite huge compared to regular sinks which have a depth of 6-8 inches. Every utility sink is made different, with some being rectangular and others square. They are often found in the laundry room or garage where cleaning could lead to spillage. 1. Dekor Sinks 42300NSC Westworth Composite Utility Sink

Does Lowe’s sell utility sinks?

Stainless steel utility sinks are a highly durable choice, but Lowe’s offers other material options if you prefer something else. We also carry a variety of brands, including KOHLER utility sinks, Mustee utility sinks and more, giving you an assortment of options to meet your cleaning needs and your budget.