What seed in Minecraft has a temple?

What seed in Minecraft has a temple?

Minecraft Seed: 798495761171566. This seed has a desert temple only a hundred blocks or so from spawn; it’s a little tricky to spot, as it is buried under the sand, but it has some great loot to uncover from its catacombs.

What is the seed for ocean monument?

Seed: 397016988482553568 Near the island, you will find an ocean monument and a top-tier shipwreck at coordinates 280, 200. But the best ship is located at coordinates 350, -400.

What is a desert village seed?

Desert Seeds for Minecraft Java Edition 1.18 This Minecraft seed spawns you in a Desert biome. If you travel West across the Wooded Badlands, you can find a Desert village with an Iron Golem and some cats wandering around. If you travel to the East to the other side of the River, you can find a Ruined Portal.

Do Ocean Monuments spawn in peaceful?

This may be intended behavior for hostile mobs in Peaceful difficulty, but this causes all Ocean Monuments in a world to lack Elder Guardians upon switching to Peaceful, as Elder Guardians do not respawn.

Where is the loot in a water temple?

The buildings are made from an underwater stone called Prismarine and are lit in places by Sea Lanterns. There is a central section and two wings, with a number of rooms. In the central section is the Treasure Chamber, where gold blocks can be found if you dig away the Dark Prismarine.

What is the seed for Survival Island?

The Sprite seed has long been the basis behind the “Survival Island” seeds. You land on an island with only a sparse grouping of trees, and you must learn survive for as long as you can on this island.

Where to find the best temple seeds in Minecraft for 2019?

You will arrive at an intersection of three biomes: desert, mesa, and savanna. There is a really nice village close to the mesa and a desert temple a bit further to the north. You can find: That’s it for the best Temple seeds in Minecraft for 2019.

Where do I spawn near the desert temples?

You will spawn near three desert temples that stand very close to each other at the following coordinates: Three temples mean 12 treasure chests, which is a lot of loot. Here’s what you will get: You will spawn on a tiny island not far from the mainland, where you will find a desert temple and a small village.

Is there a crafting table in Ocean monuments?

Even though Ocean Monuments don’t have a crafting table in them, there is a Minecraft Lego Set that has a crafting table. Prior to the All Together Update, three elder guardians always spawned in each Ocean Monument: one in each wing, and one in the room with the treasure. Currently, there can be up to five elder guardians.

Where can I find a desert temple in Fortnite?

As soon as you spawn, look behind you. There is a desert temple occupying the crossroads of four different biomes: mesa, desert, swampland, and plains. This is an extremely rare sight that is supplemented by the fact that there is a whole lot of loot contained at the bottom of the desert temple: