What Rice does Zambrero use?

What Rice does Zambrero use?

jasmine rice
Burrito. Made with your choice of filling, jasmine rice, pinto beans, freshly made salsas, cheese, sour cream and lettuce all wrapped in a fluffy 12 inch flour tortilla.

What is Zambrero black rice?

This ancient Mexican grain enhances flavour and is one of the most nutritious vegetable proteins. Forbidden Foods’ black rice. * Rich in Antioxidants – highest of all rice and the only rice with anthocyanins. * High in Iron Full of Protein High in Fibre – twice the fibre of white rice 98% * Fat Free.

How much are burritos at Zambrero?

Zambrero Menu Prices

Menu Item Price
Burritos & Bowls
Burrito $15,50
Bowl $15,50
Small Burrito $12,40

What is in Zambrero tomato salsa?

You have our classic tomato, corn or coriander salsa, or if you are feeling like a little something extra, you have our Salsa IQ made with tomato, corn, red onion, black turtle beans and roasted pepita seeds. Like our other products, each of our salsas include that little something extra to make them soar.

Whats it like working at Zambrero?

Working at zambrero is very easy. The recipes for burritos take a limited time to memorise and prep isnt difficult. Often there is less shifts rostered as only 1 or 2 people are there at a time which can make the job a bit boring during slow times and hard to build relationships with coworkers.

What is barbacoa beef Zambrero?

Zambrero’s says their Barbacoa Beef has been slow cooked through the sous vide method for up to 18 hours in “a smoky, yet sweet sauce with chipotle, garlic and ginger, giving it a rich flavour and a tender, juicy consistency.”

Is black rice gluten free?

While many whole grains contain gluten, black rice is a nutritious, naturally gluten-free option that can be enjoyed by those on a gluten-free diet. Black rice is naturally gluten-free and can be a good option for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Are Zambreros burritos healthy?

Zambrero. Zambrero offers a healthy, modern mexican paradise with tacos, burritos, nachos and quesadillas with a clean fresh twist. As a quick-service restaurant this alternative is a place that merges health with flavour allowing eaters to not stray from their fitness lifestyles.

Does Zambrero have coriander?

, but we’ve always added coriander to our Tomato and Coriander & Spanish Onion salsas. That’s just got fresh basil & Spanish onions!

Is Zambreros good to work at?

Hours are long and totally underpaid for the amount of work you are made to do. Very easy job but absolutely no job security, totally replaceable with high turnover rates. Customers are nitpicking about they way you make their food as well.

How old do you have to be to work at Zambrero Australia?

18 years old
ii. You are at least 18 years old.

Is barbacoa beef spicy Zambrero?

How many Zambrero restaurants are there in Australia?

To help achieve this goal, Zambrero has opened over 170 restaurants across Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. How can I get a job with Zambrero? Our restaurants are always on the lookout for talented, passionate and customer-focused team members.

Can I open a Zambrero franchise?

Zambrero restaurants are 100% franchise owned. We partner with individuals who have the same passion as us to serve fresh, healthy, Mexican food and contribute to help ending world hunger. If you are interested in opening your own Zambrero restaurant, please visit our Franchise page. Where else in the world can I find Zambrero?

Why choose zonezambrero catering?

Zambrero’s menu is made fresh and designed for the individual! We take pride in catering for an array of dietary requirements, with all meals able to be made vegan and vegetarian friendly as well as offering choices that are free of gluten, soy beans, eggs, milk, peanuts and tree nuts.

How does the Zambrero POS system work?

The Zambrero POS system is linked to every Zambrero restaurant in the United States and abroad, allowing us to accurately track the sales of all burritos and bowls. A real-time counter is made publicly available in all Zambrero restaurants as well as on our websites. Why does Rise Against Hunger and Zambrero focus on school feeding programs?