What market share does Baidu have?

What market share does Baidu have?

In September 2021, the Chinese search engine Baidu had a global market share of 1.64 percent. This is not a lot compared to the dominant market leader Google. However, in China, Baidu has a much greater share of the search engine market.

Which browser has the biggest market share?

Google Chrome
As of September 2021, Google Chrome accounted for about 67.56 percent of the global desktop internet browser market share.

What web browser works in China?

Samsung Internet Browser Samsung internet for android is a simple, fast, and reliable web browser for your phone and tablet.

Is Google Chrome used in China?

Google Chrome is the most commonly used browser in mainland China, according to various data sources. Across both desktops and smartphones, Chrome has 36 to 39 per cent of the browser market this year, Baidu analytics shows. Chrome still is not as popular in China as the rest of the world.

What kind of company is Baidu?

internet search engine company
What Is Baidu? Baidu is the dominant internet search engine company in China. Its features and services are similar to those of Google, but its focus is on China, where it controls most of the search market. Baidu censors search results and other content in accordance with Chinese regulations.

How do I get to Baidu?

How to use Baidu? Baidu, just like any other search engine is pretty straight forward. You enter your keywords in the search bar, click “百度一下” and you will have loads of results to go through. Note that Baidu is much more efficient using the Chinese language, searches in other languages might not be relevant.

Does Baidu have a browser?

The Windows version of Baidu Browser contains a feature for proxy requests to certain websites, which permits access to some websites that are normally blocked in China, it also leaks search terms, hard drive serial number, network MAC address, as well as the title of all visited webpages. …

What is Baidu’s market share of the global search engine market?

Chinese search engine Baidu’s market share was 0.74 percent. Ever since the introduction of Google Search in 1997, the worldwide market share of all search engines has been rather lopsided. Google has dominated the search engine market, maintaining an 88.47 percent market share as of April 2019.

Is Baidu losing market share to Qihoo 360?

By August 2014, Baidu’s search market share in China has dropped to 56.3%, where Qihoo 360, its closest competitor who has rebranded its search engine as so.com, has increased its market share to 29.0%, according to report from CNZZ.com.

What happened to Baidu’s Google search browser?

Launched in 2011 and once among the top 10 web browsers in China, Baidu announced its plan not to continue the development of its PC web browser in May 2019. And, it used to offer “fast, stable access” to Google, spotted in 2014. Without using any VPN service, accessing Google search was indeed fast and stable!

What is the difference between Baidu Browser and baidus Yi?

Baidu Browser is a web browser first released as a beta in July 2011. It has been noted that the user interface looks very similar to Google Chrome / Chromium. Baidu Yi is a smartphone operating system based on Android OS, announced in September 2011. Baidu Library is an open online platform for users to share documents.