What LGA is Lowood Qld in?

What LGA is Lowood Qld in?

Somerset Region
Lowood, Queensland

Lowood Queensland
Location 30.7 km (19 mi) NW of Ipswich 40.5 km (25 mi) SSE of Esk 69 km (43 mi) W of Brisbane
LGA(s) Somerset Region
State electorate(s) Lockyer
Federal division(s) Blair

What do QLD postcodes start with?

Australian states and territories

State/Territory Abbreviation Postcode range
Queensland QLD 4000—4999 9000—9999 (LVRs and PO Boxes only)
South Australia SA 5000—5799 5800—5999 (LVRs and PO Boxes only)
Western Australia WA 6000—6797 6800—6999 (LVRs and PO Boxes only)
Tasmania TAS 7000—7799 7800—7999 (LVRs and PO Boxes only)

What is the postcode for Lowood?

Lowood/Postal codes

Where is Somerset and Lockyer?

Somerset Region

Somerset Region Queensland
Council seat Esk
Region West Moreton
State electorate(s) Nanango Ipswich West Lockyer
Federal division(s) Blair

How many postcodes are there in Brisbane?


Postcode Suburb Category
4008 BRISBANE AIRPORT, QLD Delivery Area
4000 BRISBANE CITY, QLD Delivery Area
4000 BRISBANE GPO, QLD Delivery Area
2580 BRISBANE GROVE, NSW Delivery Area

What is fernvale postcode?

Fernvale/Zip codes

What towns are in the Lockyer Valley area?

Towns and villages in the Lockyer Valley

  • Laidley. Laidley was settled in the 1840s after being discovered by European explorers in 1829.
  • Gatton. Gatton is the largest town in the Lockyer Valley, centred around primary production and agriculture.
  • Plainland.
  • Forest Hill.
  • Grantham.
  • Mulgowie.
  • Helidon.
  • Murphys Creek.

What towns are in the Somerset region Qld?

Somerset local government area

Name: Somerset
Area type: Local government area
Total area: 5,373.7 km²
% total Qld: 0.3%
Towns: Benarkin, Biarra, Coominya, Esk, Fernvale, Harlin, Jimna, Kilcoy, Linville, Lowood, Moore, Somerset Dam, Toogoolawah

Lowood Postcode (QLD) Lowood’s postcode is 4311. Be sure to check out the map of Lowood, or look up other postcodes in Queensland or other Australian states.

What is the latitude and longitude of Lowood?

Lowood, Queensland Postcode: 4311 Latitude: -27.463 Longitude: 152.581

How to see the position on Lowood street map?

Click on street name to see the position on Lowood street map. In list you can see 64 streets.