What kind of word is disheartened?

What kind of word is disheartened?

Discouraged, despairing.

What is the synonym of disheartened?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for disheartened. abject, disappointed, discouraged, dispirited.

Will you be disheartened?

If you are disheartened, you feel disappointed about something and have less confidence or less hope about it than you did before. He was disheartened by their hostile reaction.

Is Dishearted a word?

Simple past tense and past participle of disheart.

How do you use disheartening in a sentence?

Examples of ‘disheartening’ in a sentence disheartening

  1. It must be disheartening work learning a musical instrument. Jerome K.
  2. How disheartening to be so rebuffed from her dream guy.
  3. His friend overlooks her disheartening daily experience because she is transfixed by the status and desirability of her job.

What does Dont be disheartened mean?

When you’re disheartened, you feel discouraged or let down. It’s easy to become disheartened if the grades on your report card don’t reflect the hard work and dedication you exerted.

What does very disconcerting mean?

adjective. disturbing to one’s composure or self-possession; upsetting, discomfiting. confusing, usually in the face of something totally unexpected; perplexing.

What does it mean to feel disheartened?

Definition of dishearten transitive verb. : to cause to lose hope, enthusiasm, or courage : to cause to lose spirit or morale were disheartened by the news.

What means cast down?

passive phrasal verb. If someone is cast down by something, they are sad or worried because of it. [literary]

What is a better word for SAD?

1 unhappy, despondent, disconsolate, discouraged, gloomy, downcast, downhearted, depressed, dejected, melancholy.

What is the identification of a courageous man?

courageous Add to list Share. If you are a courageous person, you face danger or stand up against the odds without flinching. Known as “The Man without Fear,” Daredevil is regarded as a very courageous superhero.

What is Non Plus?

verb (used with object), non·plussed or non·plused,non·plus·sing or non·plus·ing. to render utterly perplexed by something unexpected; puzzle completely. Nonstandard. to cause to feel indifferent, calm, or unexcited: The food was good and all, but something about the place just nonplussed me.