What is whiteboard cleaner made of?

What is whiteboard cleaner made of?

4. Homemade whiteboard cleaner: Again, a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water is the best solution to clean a whiteboard, but there are a variety of other options that work just as well. Using a cloth moistened with whiteboard cleaner is enough to keep a board clean if used every week.

How do you make whiteboard cleaner spray?

Simply mix one part water and one part alcohol in a spray bottle, squirt some on the board and rinse with a soft, damp cloth. If you need a little extra cleaning power, use the alcohol at full potency rather than diluting it with water.

Can I use vinegar to clean a whiteboard?

You can add one teaspoon of vinegar per cup of water; use a microfiber cloth to clean the whiteboard. Paper Towel and Water: This is a quick, chemical-free way to clean the surface of your board, but may not remove old stains or ghosting.

What can I use instead of whiteboard cleaner?

Homemade Dry Erase Board Cleaner Options

  • Rubbing Alcohol. Simply saturate a clean rag or some paper towels with rubbing alcohol and wipe away ink stains from your dry erase board.
  • Vinegar.
  • Glass Cleaner.
  • Hair Spray.
  • Possible Damage From Alcohol.
  • All-Purpose Cleaners and Abrasives May Void Warrantees.
  • Check Warranty.

What is the best product to clean a whiteboard?

Some of the most popular cleaners for a whiteboard are:

  • Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Acetone or nail polish remover that contains acetone.
  • Water mixed with several drops of dish soap.
  • Orange cleaners (such as Goo Gone and Fantastik)
  • Glass cleaner.
  • Baby wipes.
  • Pam or other spray cooking oils.

Can you use vinegar to clean whiteboard?

Can you use hand sanitizer on whiteboard?

Apply hand sanitizer directly to the whiteboard, using a soft, clean cloth or paper towel to wipe it over the entire surface of the whiteboard. Let sit there for 30 seconds, then wipe off with a fresh cloth or paper towels.

Can I use Windex on a whiteboard?

Use water or common household glass cleaners. Yes, products such as Windex® are recommended for cleaning a whiteboard. Never use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners, as those can ruin the dry erase surface and allow ink penetration.

Can you use hand sanitizer to clean a whiteboard?

But for hand sanitizer to work effectively to clean whiteboards, they need a much higher concentration of isopropyl alcohol – the 90% to 99% range is best. Apply hand sanitizer directly to the whiteboard, using a soft, clean cloth or paper towel to wipe it over the entire surface of the whiteboard.

How do you clean a whiteboard with rubbing alcohol?

Recipe for Natural Whiteboard Cleaner 1 1 cup of water 2 1/3 cup rubbing alcohol More

What is the CAS number of Cos whiteboard cleaner?

COS Whiteboard Cleaner. Benzyl-C12-14-alkyldimethylammonium chlorides <1% CAS number: 68424-85-1 M factor (Acute) = 10 M factor (Chronic) = 1 Classification Acute Tox. 4 – H302 Skin Corr. 1B – H314 Eye Dam. 1 – H318 Aquatic Acute 1 – H400 Aquatic Chronic 1 – H410 Ethanol <1% CAS number: 64-17-5 Classification Flam.

Can you use hair spray to clean a whiteboard?

Hair Spray Whiteboard Cleaner The alcohol in hair spray works to remove old ink and dirt from whiteboards when used correctly. If not done the right way you will have a sticky mess that needs further cleaning. Apply hair spray directly onto the surface of the whiteboard and allow it to sit for two minutes.

How do you use orange essential oil to clean a whiteboard?

Fill your container with rubbing alcohol. Add 5-12 drops orange essential oil. Place lid on the bottle and shake vigorously. Shake well before using. Spray the whiteboard. Let it sit and work its magic for 5 minutes. Wipe away with a microfiber cloth.