What is vmstat command?

What is vmstat command?

The vmstat command (short for virtual memory statistics) is a built-in monitoring utility in Linux. The command is used to obtain information about memory, system processes, paging, interrupts, block I/O, disk, and CPU scheduling. Users can observe system activity virtually in real-time by specifying a sampling period.

What is Commitlimit?

Commit Limit is the amount of virtual memory that can be committed without having to extend the paging file(s). It is measured in bytes. Committed memory is the physical memory which has space reserved on the disk paging files.

What is WA in vmstat?

The vmstat wa column is the percentage of time that the CPU was idle with pending local disk I/O and NFS-mounted disks. If there is at least one outstanding I/O to a disk when wait is running, the time is classified as waiting for I/O.

What is vmstat and iostat?

vmstat command (also known as virtual memory statistic tool) shows information about processes, memory, disk, and CPU activity in Linux, whereas the iostat command is used to monitor CPU utilization, system input/output statistics for all the disks and partitions.

What is MemAvailable?

MemAvailable: The amount of memory, available for starting new applications, without swapping. MemFree: The amount of physical RAM, in kibibytes, left unused by the system.

What is AnonPages?

AnonPages: Non-file backed pages mapped into userspace page tables. Mapped: Files which have been mmaped, such as libraries. Slab: In-kernel data structures cache. PageTables: Amount of memory dedicated to the lowest level of page tables.

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