What is TPE?

What is TPE?

The Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) comprise the body of knowledge, skills, and abilities that beginning general education teachers have the opportunity to learn in approved teacher preparation programs in California. The TPEs are research-based and aligned to national teaching standards expectations.

What are the 6 TPE domains?

TPE 1: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning.

  • TPE 2: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning.
  • TPE 3: Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning.
  • TPE 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students.
  • TPE 5: Assessing Student Learning.
  • What are TPE in education?

    Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE’s) describe the knowledge and abilities required of classroom teachers that were adopted by the California Teaching Commission in September, 2001. A. Making Subject Matter Comprehensible To Students.

    What is the difference between CSTP and TPE?

    The Teacher Performance Expectations (TPE) help guide the work of permit holders and interns in developing their practice; for teachers with preliminary or clear credentials, the CA Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) offer a structure for reflection and assessment.

    Is TPE safe?

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    What does TPE 3.3 mean?

    TPE 3.3 Plan, design, implement, and monitor instruction consistent with current subject-specific pedagogy in the content area(s) of instruction, and design and implement disciplinary and cross-disciplinary learning sequences, including integrating the visual and performing arts as applicable to the discipline.

    What do you learn in digital literacy?

    Digital Literacy in the Classroom In the classroom, digital literacy is the student’s ability to discern quality sources, understand authorship rules, and evaluate the credibility of online content as it relates to the task or assignment.

    How is TPE made?

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    Is TPE poisonous?

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    What are Sdaie strategies?

    What are SDAIE Strategies?

    • Analyzing material from point of view of students with limited English proficiency.
    • Activating students background knowledge.
    • Presenting material and lessons orally as well as increasing the use of visuals, graphic organizers, manipulative and hands-on-learning experiences.

    What is the purpose of Intasc?

    The Interstate New Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) was created to provide instructional support to new teachers and raise the level of learning in U. S. classrooms.

    What are the five basic digital skills?

    The Essential Digital Skills Framework

    • Communicating.
    • Handling Information and content.
    • Transacting.
    • Problem solving.
    • Being safe and legal online.

    What does TPE stand for in teaching?

    California Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) TPE 1 Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning 1. Apply knowledge of students, including their prior experiences, interests, and social -emotional learning needs, as well as their funds of knowled ge and cultural, language, and socioeconomic backgrounds, to engage them in learning . 2.

    What is tptpe 4?

    TPE 4 Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students Locate and apply information about students’ current academic status, content- and standards-related learning needs and goals, assessment data, language proficiency status, and cultural background for both short-term and long-term instructional planning purposes.

    What is total power exchange (TPE)?

    The Total Power Exchange (TPE) is when one of the partners gives up total power and control to the other partner. A Total Power Exchange is also sometimes referred to as an Absolute Power Exchange or Consensual Slavery.

    What is TPE 3 understanding and organizing?

    TPE 3 Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning Demonstrate knowledge of subject matter, including the adopted California State Standards and curriculum frameworks.