What is the postcode for Brisbane City?

What is the postcode for Brisbane City?

Brisbane City/Postal codes

How many postcodes are there in Brisbane?


Postcode Suburb Category
4008 BRISBANE AIRPORT, QLD Delivery Area
4000 BRISBANE CITY, QLD Delivery Area
4000 BRISBANE GPO, QLD Delivery Area
2580 BRISBANE GROVE, NSW Delivery Area

Do all Qld postcodes start with 4?

The first digit corresponded to radio station call signs: 2 (New South Wales), 3 (Victoria), 4 (Queensland), 5 (South Australia), 6 (Western Australia) and 7 (Tasmania). In July 1967, the first edition of the Postcode Booklet was distributed free by mail to every Australian household and business address.

What is the postcode for Carindale?

Carindale/Postal codes

How many Queensland postal codes are there?

Queensland – postal codes

Place Code
1 Spring Hill 4000
2 Brisbane City 4000

What is the postcode for Springfield?

Springfield/Postal codes

What is the postal code for Brisbane City?

Postcode. Suburb. Category. 4000. BRISBANE CITY, QLD. Delivery Area. 4000. BRISBANE CITY, QLD. View locations & hours.

Where is the suburb of Brisbane City located?

The suburb of Brisbane City is located in QLD and has a postcode of 4000. Free brisbane city business listing! Get the first free listing in brisbane city!

Where is the post office in Brisbane QLD?

Results Postcode Suburb Category 4169 EAST BRISBANE, QLD Delivery Area 4178 PORT OF BRISBANE, QLD Delivery Area 4029 ROYAL BRISBANE HOSPITAL, QLD Post Office Boxes 4101 SOUTH BRISBANE, QLD Delivery Area

What is the latitude and longitude of Brisbane?

Brisbane-city, Queensland (Brisbane) Postcode: 4000 Latitude: -27.469 Longitude: 153.022