What is the opposite of supervise?

What is the opposite of supervise?

supervise. Antonyms: mismanage, miscontrol, misregulate, misdirect. Synonyms: superintend, control, manage, direct, visit, inspect, overlook.

What is the synonym of the word oversight?

supervision, unmindfulness, superintendence, supervising, inadvertence, inadvertency, heedlessness, lapse. supervision, supervising, superintendence, oversightnoun. management by overseeing the performance or operation of a person or group. Synonyms: supervision, superintendence, supervising, lapse, inadvertence.

What is the synonym of overlooked?

Some common synonyms of overlook are disregard, forget, ignore, neglect, and slight. While all these words mean “to pass over without giving due attention,” overlook suggests disregarding or ignoring through haste or lack of care.

What is the opposite of controlling?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for controlling. helpless, impotent, powerless, weak.

What is the antonym of obligation?

What is the opposite of obligation?

breach infringement
infraction betrayal
noncompliance non-observance
trespass break

What is the meaning of superintend in English?

Definition of superintend transitive verb. : to have or exercise the charge and oversight of : direct.

What does lack of oversight mean?

an omission or error due to carelessness: My bank statement is full of oversights. unintentional failure to notice or consider; lack of proper attention: Owing to my oversight, the letter was sent unsigned.

What does miscalculation mean?

Definition of miscalculation : a mistake in calculation : wrong calculation a costly miscalculation … ruled that utility shareholders, not electricity consumers, must pay for some or all of the miscalculations that resulted in excessive expansion or cost overruns.—

How do you use overlooking?

Overlooking sentence example

  1. He led her to the window overlooking the street.
  2. His house was built on a tree-covered knoll overlooking her farm, but part of Josh’s land was visible from their porch.
  3. She perked at the voice and strode to the landing overlooking the bottom floor.

What’s another word for missing out?

What is another word for miss out?

omit exclude
disregard miss
overlook leave out
drop cut
take out fail to include

Is Controllingness a word?

The quality of being controlling.