What is the definition of the prefix litho?

What is the definition of the prefix litho?

Frequency: Litho is defined as relating to stone or lithium. An example of litho used as a prefix is in the word lithograph, a method of printing originally using a flat, smooth stone. Litho paper.

What does Proct mean in medical terms?

combining form. (Medicine) indicating the anus or rectum: proctology. [from Greek prōktos]

What does Meato mean in medical terms?

prefix From the Latin meatus, meaning a passageway; the classic root referring to meatus.

What does MX stand for in medical terms?

Common terms and abbreviations in clinical files

Term/abbreviation Meaning
MSE Mental state examination (including assessment of appearance, mood, thought content, behaviour, insight and judgement, and overall demeanour)
MST Mobile support team
Mx Medication
NAD No abnormality detected / No acute distress

What does intramuscular mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of intramuscular : situated within, occurring within, or administered by entering a muscle intramuscular fat an intramuscular injection. Other Words from intramuscular. intramuscularly adverb.

What does Pepsia mean medical term?

[L. fr Gr. pepsis, warming, cooking, digestion + -ia] Suffix meaning digestion.

What does PMHx stand for in medical terms?

Past Medical History
PMHx: Past Medical History.

Why are intramuscular injections given?

An intramuscular injection is a technique used to deliver a medication deep into the muscles. This allows the medication to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. You may have received an intramuscular injection at a doctor’s office the last time you got a vaccine, like the flu shot.

What is IM in hospital?

Intramuscular (IM): An intramuscular (IM) medication is given by needle into the muscle. This is as opposed to a medication that is given by a needle, for example, into the skin (intradermal) or just below the skin (subcutaneous) or into a vein.

What does the name litho mean?

According to a user from California, U.S., the name Litho is of Greek origin and means “Stone; precious stone; marble”. Search for more names by meaning . Submit the origin and/or meaning of Litho to us below

What does the prefix litho mean?

The prefix litho means stone, from the Greek word with the same meaning, “lithos.”. In medicine, the prefix litho refers to mineral deposits resembling stones that form in the kidney, urinary tract

What does Lith mean in medical terms?

lith- var. of litho-: lithops . a combining form meaning “stone” (megalith), “stone tool” ( microlith), “mass of rock” (batholith; laccolith), “calcareous concretion, calculus” ( otolith; urolith).Compare -lite.

What is litho lamination?

Litho laminating is the process gluing a printed and coated press sheet to the corrugated board prior to die-cutting and processing it into a box. Litho lamination offers the high quality of offset printing.