What is the cause of the YMCA?

What is the cause of the YMCA?

The Y is the leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community by empowering young people, improving the health and well-being of people of all ages and inspiring action in and across communities.

What is cause-driven organization?

A Cause-Driven Organization is one that centers its focus outside the organization to the larger cause being addressed. The Cause is often a core belief that is shared by several organizations, providing the basis for collective impact through coordination, cooperation, and collaboration.

What is the YMCA three areas of focus?

That’s why we focus our work in three areas: Youth Development – Nurturing the potential of every child and teen. Healthy Living – Improving the nation’s health and well-being. Social Responsibility – Giving back and providing support to our neighbors.

What are the YMCA leadership competencies?

Demonstrates in word and action the Y’s core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility and a commitment to the Y’s mission, in all matters at all times. Delivers the benefits of good health, strong connections, greater self-confidence, and a sense of security to all who seek it.

What do the YMCA do?

The YMCA addresses issues affecting each community by developing programs and activities with special focus on young people in order to build a “human community of justice with love, peace and reconciliation for the fullness of life for all creation”.

Who started the YMCA in America?

George Williams
When George Williams founded the first YMCA in Industrial Revolution-era London, he sought to create a supportive community to help young men like himself address pressing social challenges. The idea found a home in the U.S. seven years later at the Old South Church in Boston.

What is a cause driven leader?

Cause-Driven Leadership identifies the components for moving a cause forward to achieve significant and sustainable impact and to prepare people to pursue positive change in the world. There many worthy causes, and Cause-Driven Leadership can empower all of them.

What words in the mission statement are the most important YMCA?

Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Faith.

When was the YMCA founded?

June 6, 1844, London, United Kingdom

What is cause leadership?

Cause Leadership helps purpose-driven organizations find uniquely qualified leaders through our systematic fully managed hiring process that ends with you bringing the best qualified leader into your organization.

What does the YMCA stand for?

The Young Men’s Christian Association
Our History – A Brief History of the YMCA Movement. The Young Men’s Christian Association was founded in London, England, on June 6, 1844, in response to unhealthy social conditions arising in the big cities at the end of the Industrial Revolution (roughly 1750 to 1850).

Is YMCA a charity?

YMCA® is a registered trade mark in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. ISO9001 accredited. Registered charity no. 213121.