What is the best weapon for home?

What is the best weapon for home?

Home Defense 101: Stick to Handguns and Shotguns Of course, in any potentially lethal confrontation, any gun of any caliber is better than no gun at all, but for the purposes of home defense, there are really only two types of weapons homeowners should seriously consider purchasing: handguns and shotguns.

What is the best weapon for assault?

Assault Class Best Guns: M97 Trench Backbored, MP 18 Trench, Ribeyerolles 1918 (DLC), Sjogren Inertial Shotgun (DLC) Obviously Assault is going to thrive with shotguns, and a close-range blast is going to take most enemy troops down without much trouble no matter which kind you choose.

What is the best medic weapon bf1?

Battlefield 1: The 5 Best & 5 Worst Guns For Medic

  • Best: M1907 SL Sweeper. Having a good all-rounder weapon as a medic is the key to flexibility.
  • Best: Fedorov Avtomat Trench.
  • Best: Selbstlader M1916.
  • Best: Autoloading 8 Extended.
  • Best: Farquhar-Hill.

Do Navy SEALs use AK 47s?

Originally Answered: Do Navy SEALs use AK-47s? Yes. The AK platform has proved time and again that it is a potent platform. Also to blend in behind the enemy lines, especially terrorists who also use the same guns.

What is the best carry round?

For many the best caliber choice for concealed carry is the 9mm. This round has adequate stopping power with minimal recoil. Additionally, handguns chambered in 9mm are often easy to conceal.

Which has more knock down power 9mm or 40?

The . 40 caliber does release more energy but not by a whole lot either. The 9mm releases about 10 – 12 % less energy than its competitor. Also, there are ammo manufacturers that say their 9mm can match up in stopping power against other 40 cal.

What’s the best medic gun?

What is the best sniper in bf1?

The SMLE MK3 Marksman is one of the best snipers in the game, and this variant comes with a decent scope for proper long-range dominance.