What is the best masterpiece transformer?

What is the best masterpiece transformer?

3 days ago
While there have been dozens of different Transformers toy lines over the years, Masterpiece figures are easily the most coveted….The Best Transformers Masterpiece Toys

  1. MP-13 Soundwave. Photo: Takara.
  2. MP-36 Megatron.
  3. MP-20 Wheeljack.
  4. MP-17 Prowl.
  5. MP-29 Laserwave.
  6. MP-39 Sunstreaker.
  7. MP-10 Convoy.
  8. MP-27 Ironhide.

Which Optimus Prime toy is the best?

The Best Optimus Prime Toy of 2022

  • Transformers Knight Armor Optimus Prime.
  • Transformers 05 Voyager Class Movie 2 Optimus Prime.
  • Optimus Prime Jet Wing Equipped Edition.
  • Playskool Heroes Transformers Optimus Prime.
  • Transformers Toys Optimus Prime Cyberverse.
  • Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots Energize Optimus Prime.

How tall is the Masterpiece Optimus Prime?

This masterpiece Optimus Prime stands at a significant 9.2” tall. Not only is this beautiful figure incredibly detailed, but it comes packed with more accessories than just about any other masterpiece figure. This is where the figure truly shines.

Is Optimus Prime truck real?

Now residing in Pennsylvania, this replica truck from Age of Extinction (AOE) is currently believed to be 1 of only 3 Optimus Prime® AOE trucks in existence. The other two are the ones used for filming.

Why are masterpiece transformers so expensive?

Why are the Masterpiece Transformers so expensive? Masterpiece Transformers are particularly more expensive than their mass-produced more child focused Transformers toys due to their high quality, durability, and high standards in which each Masterpiece Transformer is built.

What’s the next masterpiece transformer?

Takara’s SNS has just announced the Transformers Masterpiece Autobot Skids is the next in line for the MP treatment to released in 2021, with other MP releases TBA! Takara says this will be a hybrid figure design with its own transformation and a wide range of articulation.

What is the rarest transformer toy?

10 Rarest Transformers Toys in the Universe

  • Giant Black Zarak.
  • Unicron with Kranix Platinum Edition.
  • G1 Guyhawk.
  • Headmaster Minerva.
  • C-16 Galva Lio Convoy Lucky Draw.
  • Lucky Draw Crayola Convoy Robot Masters G1.
  • Optimus Optimal Prototype.
  • Meister – Mazda RX-8 Mayuko Iwasa Edition.

What is the most popular transformer toy?

Most Popular

  • Transformers Toys Heroic Optimus Prime Action Figure.
  • Transformers MV5 Deluxe Zodiac Action Figure.
  • Transformers Toys Generations War for Cybertron.
  • Transformers Toys Heroes and Villains Optimus Prime and Megatron 2-Pack Action Figures.
  • Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Academy Academy Rescue Team Pack.

When did MP 10 Optimus Prime come out?

Year of the Horse Masterpiece Optimus Prime commemorates the Chinese Zodiac year of the horse and was released in 2014. Optimus Prime is a redeco of MP-10 Convoy, featuring darker reds and gold-chromed parts, among other deco changes. He lacks Roller and the Spike Witwicky figurine.

What scale is mp10?

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Series Transformers Masterpiece
Toy Size 9.5 inches
Scale Masterpiece Scale
Packaging Condition MISB (Mint in Sealed Box) Case Fresh From a Factory Sealed Case
Alt Mode Semi Truck And Trailer

How much is Optimus Prime truck worth?


Auction Scottsdale 2016
Status Sold
Price Register to View Price
Lot 1325.1
Year 1992

Why is Optimus Prime so strong?

When Optimus Prime was created, his core energy source was the Matrix of Leadership. This matrix gives Optimus more power than the average autobot along with the willpower to lead. The Matrix of Leadership makes Optimus Prime a stronger leader to his people, something vital during their civil war.

Is the Optimus Prime master piece collection in stock?

The Highly anticipated Optimus Prime Master Piece collection is in stock ready to ship! Imported from Japan this is a must have for all Transformer Fans!

What makes the mp-01 so good?

1 – the MP-01 is made of die-cast metal and plastic. This makes it feel heavy and solid. It poses very well and has moveable leg vents, light-up matrix, rubber tires, communication panels on arms, Ion blaster, Megatron gun accessory, Energon axe, and more… it’s just awesome! 2 – it is HUGE.

Is this transformer a masterpiece or a toy?

This transformer is really a masterpiece. It’s not a toy. It’s something to be shown in your living-room. The size, its level of detail, the poses it makes, the way it transforms (complicated, I must say, but even cooler that way), the similarity to the Optimus we all knew and loved…

Should I get the Hasbro mp-01 or MP10?

If you prefer vehicle mode of this iconic figure, and don’t mind a slightly smaller size, then the TRU Hasbro MP10 might be a better choice for you. 1 – the MP-01 is made of die-cast metal and plastic. This makes it feel heavy and solid.