What is SiteMinder used for?

What is SiteMinder used for?

Computer Associates (CA) SiteMinder, formerly Netegrity SiteMinder, is an enterprise infrastructure product that enables centralized, secure Web access management. Its features include user authentication and single sign-on, policy-based authorization, and identity federation.

What is SiteMinder Access Gateway?

Symantec Access Gateway (formerly CA SiteMinder® Secure Proxy Server) deployments provide centralized access management by controlling traffic that enters the Enterprise DeMilitarized Zone (DMZ). …

What is Symantec SiteMinder?

Symantec SiteMinder (formerly CA Single Sign-On) is an identity provider and federation system that provides access to web applications and portals. With HYPR, organizations can finally evolve their legacy infrastructure to deliver a modern passwordless experience.

What is CA Access Gateway?

CA Access Gateway is a scalable, manageable, and extensible stand-alone server that provides a proxy-based solution for access control. CA Access Gateway provides access control for HTTP and HTTPS requests and cookieless SSO. Also, the product stores session information in the in-memory session store.

How do I use authentication with SiteMinder?

Configuring SiteMinder Single Sign-On

  1. From the ACCESS CONTROL > Authentication page, identify the service to which you want to enable SiteMinder SSO.
  2. Click Edit next to the service.
  3. Scroll down to the SiteMinder SSO section and specify values for the following:
  4. Click Save Changes to save your settings.

Does SiteMinder use LDAP?

Siteminder holds 3 connections open to each LDAP user directory. They are as follows: DIR: This connection is held open by the user who is configured in the “Credentials and Connections” tab of the User Directory.

Is SiteMinder a public company?

SiteMinder debuted on the Australian Stock Exchange this week – making it one of the first travel technology companies to go public since the global distribution systems in the 2010s.

Is SSO is subset of IDM?

Q. 12 How are SSO and Identity Management (IDM) related to each other? B. B) SSO is a subset of IDM.

What is SiteMinder agent?

A SiteMinder agent filters user requests to enforce access controls. For instance, when a user requests a protected resource, the agent prompts the user for credentials based on an authentication scheme and sends the credentials to a SiteMinder policy server. A Web agent is simply an agent that works with a Web server.

Is SiteMinder an API gateway?

SiteMinder Agent SDK v12. 51 comes preinstalled in the hardware and virtual appliance versions of the CA API Gateway. If you are running the software Gateway, please contact Technical Support for assistance in installing the SDK.

How do I set up SiteMinder?

To configure SITEMINDER authentication service:

  1. From the ACCESS CONTROL > Authentication Services page, select the SITEMINDER tab and specify values for the following: Realm Name – Enter a name for the realm to identify this server in the web interface.
  2. Click Add to save your settings.

How does SiteMinder authentication work?

Instead of being authenticated by each web service in different systems, users are authenticated by SiteMinder system. Once the user has been authenticated, a special encrypted cookie is created and used for subsequent logins to different web-based services and applications.

What is CA SiteMinder and how does it work?

CA SiteMinder focused on just a limited part of today’s IAM challenges. It is designed as an on-premise Web Access Management (WAM) software primarily built to provide password-based Single Sign-On (SSO) to on-premise web apps.

How does the policy server work in SiteMinder?

If the resource is protected, the Policy Server is contacted. If the resource is not protected or not under SiteMinder’s control, the request will go directly into web server. Policy Server provides policy management and functions for authentication within the SiteMinder framework.

What is Netegrity SiteMinder?

The user authentication and authorization component of an access management suite from Netegrity (www.netegrity.com), a division of CA Technologies. SiteMinder provides policy-based authentication as well as single sign-on for all Web-based applications.

What version of SiteMinder are the run books written for?

Most run books were written for SiteMinder 12.52 (now end of life) and have not been updated for newer releases of SiteMinder and SaaS updates, or for new SaaS apps. CA SiteMinder: Architectural Limitations 5