What is phallocentric discourse?

What is phallocentric discourse?

Discourse is “phallogocentric” because it is centered and organized throughout by implicit recourse to the phallus both as its supposed ground (or logos) and as its prime signifier and power source; and not only in its vocabulary and syntax, but also in its rigorous rules of logic, its proclivity for fixed …

What is the opposite of Phallocentric?

Opposite of centered on or emphasizing masculine viewpoint. gynocentric.

Who coined the term Phallocentric?

Phallocentrism is a term first used by the Freudian psychoanalyst Ernest Jones c. 1927 to focus his disagreement with Freud’s theory of female sexual identity as being marked by the lack of the phallus, a sense, in other words, of their castration.

What is a Fallice?

A phallus is a model of an erect penis, especially one used as a symbol in ancient religions. 2. countable noun. A phallus is a penis.

Is Phallocentrism a word?

a doctrine or belief centered on the phallus, especially a belief in the superiority of the male sex.

What is the difference between Phallogocentrism and Phallocentrism?

As nouns the difference between phallogocentrism and phallocentrism. is that phallogocentrism is the privileging of masculinity in the use of speech, writing or modes of thought; phallocentrism expressed through language while phallocentrism is (literally) focus on the phallus.

What is the meaning of Pertinacity?

Definition of pertinacious 1a : adhering resolutely to an opinion, purpose, or design. b : perversely persistent. 2 : stubbornly tenacious.

What is a falus?

plural falus also fulus. Definition of falus (Entry 2 of 2) : one of a series of irregularly shaped copper coins of the former khanate of Bukhara produced in the early 20th century in denominations of two, four, and eight.

What is Phallocentric literature?

Phallocentrism is the ideology that the phallus, or male sexual organ, is the central element in the organization of the social world. Phallocentrism has been analyzed in literary criticism, psychoanalysis and psychology, linguistics, medicine and health care, and philosophy.

Is Pertinacity a synonym?

Pertinacity can also be called perseverance, persistence, and tenaciousness.

What is the other term of Pertinacity?

single-mindedness, steadfastness, stick-to-itiveness, tenaciousness, tenacity.