What is Moriage style?

What is Moriage style?

The term moriage refers to the technique of raised, trailed-slip decoration. It was widely used to decorate all kinds of pottery made in Asia. The best-known moriage may be the ugly, newer Japanese dragonware. These vases could be the product of the Kinkozan family of potters, in production from 1645 until 1927.

What is Dragonware Moriage?

What Is Dragonware? Dragonware refers to a specific type of moriage which depicts dragons, each tendril and scale raised – not with gilt but often in white or black. The most common pieces of dragonware are tea sets, teapots, and vases.

How do you date Japanese Dragonware?

In order to get a handle on the approximate age of the piece, study it. Start with marks. If it is marked Nippon is 1891 – 1921. Dragonware that is marked Made in Occupied Japan dates from 1946 – 1947.

How do you pronounce Moriage?

Moriage, pronounced More-ee-a-gay, is to pile up. It is a special type of raised decoration used on some Japanese pottery.

What is Moriage vase?

The term “moriage” refers to raised slip decorations applied to a piece of porcelain or pottery.

What is Moriage Satsuma?

Moriage is a slip decoration of raised enamels. It occurs on Satsuma wares as early as circa 1890 but tends to be more carefully applied on early pieces. Moriage also seems to be limited to pieces made outside of the Satsuma domain while being typical for Kyoto Satsuma ware.

How can I tell if my Satsuma is porcelain?

Satsuma usually has the artist’s signature along with the Satsuma mark. Whatever the Satsuma mark used, many Satsuma pieces include the Shimazu clan mark, a red, hand-painted circle with a cross inside (like the crosshairs in a gunsight).

Is Satsuma China valuable?

Satsuma Pottery in the Market Today While some workshops, like the Taizan or the Kinkozan, continued to produce works into the late 19th century, such works are exceedingly rare and very precious, generally found in museums or in Japanese personal collections.

What is moriage pottery?

Moriage is the term used to describe the fine and delicate layering or placing of clay on pieces of pottery. The type clay that is used for this method is known as “slip” and is thicker and stickier than the clay used for the actual item.

What is moriage Dragon?

Moriage is a type of decoration on Japanese pottery. Raised white designs are applied to the ware. White dragons are the major raised decorations on the moriage called dragonware. Original Nippon dragonware has very ornate dragons that wrap around the entire piece.

What is moriage China?

Moriage ware. China was known by the generic name of Paris because Old Paris or Paris wares were made in several Parisian factories during the 18th and 19th centuries. The items made of Paris ( porcelain , yet called china or Paris) were decorated with floral bouquets, raised banding or wet slipware applications.