What is labradorite granite?

What is labradorite granite?

Labradorite Blue Granite, also named Lemurian Blue, is a dark grey and green granite with blue iridescent areas. Originated from Madagascar, this unique and exotic stone material creates a stunning and impressive effect on any applications.

What is the most expensive granite color?

Blue granite
Blue granite is the most expensive.

How expensive is blue granite?

Among blue granite countertops colors, the priciest one is blue which range from $70 to $100 and higher granite cost per square foot. The Blue Bahia cost around $120 per square foot while the most affordable blue countertops is Blue Eyes, that is, $45 per square foot.

What is the rarest type of granite?

One of the rarest types of granite the world is Van Gogh Granite known for its aqua blue and mint green color with burnt orange veining. Since the combination of blue and red granite specifically is so rare in nature it is the most expensive.

Is labradorite rare or common?

The color and the schiller are the rare minerals, the gold (Labradorite) is the most common material that they mine and produce.

Does labradorite come from China?

It’s Newfoundland and Labrador’s official mineral, but two jewellers warn much of the labradorite sold in the province actually comes from Madagascar and is processed in China. The iridescent stone is popular with visitors, who buy pieces of jewelry set with it. “Labradorite is not like any other rock.

How much is blue Bahia granite?

The average granite countertops cost for Blue Bahia ranges from $90 to $100 per square foot for a 3 centimeter thick slab.

Is Blue granite rare?

The Cost of Blue Granite The blue varieties of granite tend to be a bit more rare, so they are traditionally a bit more expensive than other types of granite. The commonly bought blue pearl variety can range from $50 to $100 per square foot.

Is Blue Bahia granite?

Named after its origin, Blue Bahia Granite is quarried from the rich bedrock of Bahia, Brazil. Also known as Azul Bahia Granite, this desirable stone is known for its rich and brilliant blue hue, aside from its resiliency and durability.

Where is Blue Bahia from?

Blue bahia granite, as I learned, is quarried in Brazil and is “legendary for its beauty” (although its “stunning blue colors can be a little hard to incorporate into a kitchen,” at least according to one site).

Is blue labradorite real?

Labradorite is a beautiful feldspar stone that has, in recent years, become increasingly popular. Labradorite is defined by its gorgeous iridescence that makes it appear to glow from within. Base colors of brown, orange, blue, or green are shot through with other colors. Not every labradorite is created, or cut, equal.

What color labradorite is rare?

The most rare colors of Labradorite are purple and pink. Some pieces even exhibit a full spectrum of color. These purple rocks truly make us feel some type of way when that vibrant color comes out in the sunlight.

What is labradorite blue green granite?

It also called Labradorite Blue Green Granite,Labradorite Madagaskar Granite,Labradorite Green Granite,Tsoa Pearl Granite,Labradorite Blue Flower Granite,Labradorite Azul Granite . Labradorite Blue Granite can be processed into Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled and so on.

What is the quality of the table top made from labradorite?

The table tops made from labradorite are also very beautiful, and looks very luxurious, the dimensions are customized, if you have container to ship from China, one piece is also available, if not, the MOQ will be one wooden crate, about 20 to 30 pieces, because for one piece transportation, it is not economical, and easily to be broken.

Is nature stone a good choice for kitchen countertops?

It is very nice for kitchen countertops, not easy scratched, but nature stone is porous more or less, so the water proof is necessory to protect the stone, it can effetively leave the traces of soy sauce vinegar on this stone. The countertop sizes can be customized, because each kitchen size and shape are different.