What is Henecia?

What is Henecia?

Kim Hyun Joong then chose his favorite out of the three and revealed that it was “Henecia”, a combination of the letter ‘H’ from his name, and the Latin term ‘benecia’, which means ‘blessed’.

What happened Kim Hyun Joong?

On November 12, 2020, the Supreme Court of South Korea ordered “A” to pay Kim Hyun Joong 100 million won (approximately $89,700) in damages, upholding the verdict from the first and second trials in which they stated, “There is no evidence that ‘A’ suffered a miscarriage due to abuse, or that he had pressured her to …

Is there playful kiss Season 2?

Now, as far as a second season is concerned, we do not have an official update from the network. It looks unlikely that there will be another season.

Did Kim Hyun Joong get married?

Though there are numerous dating rumors and chatters regarding his lovemaking throughout his occupation as a singer and also star, as of 2020, Kim Hyun-Joong’s relationship status is single.

What happened to SS501?

SS501 debuted in 2005 and was considered to be one of the top boy bands in its heyday. Although the group never officially disbanded, it has been inactive since June 2010, when the members’ exclusive contracts with DSP Media expired and they each went their separate ways.

How do you become a member of Henecia?

The cost to join Henecia USA is $ for a year. Once you fill out this application form and submit it to us, upon approval of your request to join, you will be required to make your dues donation in order to finish the process of becoming an official Henecia USA Fan Club Member.

Is Kim Hyun Joong rich?

Kim Hyun Joong net worth: Kim Hyun Joong is a South Korean entertainer and the leader of the band SS501 who has a net worth of $5 million….Kim Hyun Joong Net Worth.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Profession: Actor, Model, Singer, Master of Ceremonies, Dancer, Entertainer, Musician
Nationality: South Korea

Is Viki com free?

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How many EP are in playful kiss?


Playful Kiss
No. of episodes 16 7 (YouTube Special Edition)
Executive producer Han Hee
Producer Song Byung-joon

What does SS501 stand for?

Etymology. The name of the band is a combination of letters and numbers that have special meaning. The first “S” stands for “superstar”, the second “S” is an abbreviation for “singer”, and the combination of 5, 0, and 1 symbolizes “five members united as one forever”.

What Kpop group was in Boys Over Flowers?

The project group also performed “U R Man” in episode four of Boys Over Flowers, where they appeared for a cameo performance….U R Man.

U R Man special album
Language Korean
Label DSP Media
SS501 (credited as SS501 Special Project Group) chronology

How many earthquakes have there been in the Philippines in 7 days?

During the past 7 days, Philippines was shaken by 1 quake of magnitude 5.6, 10 quakes between 4.0 and 5.0, 62 quakes between 3.0 and 4.0, and 176 quakes between 2.0 and 3.0. There were also 44 quakes below magnitude 2.0 which people don’t normally feel.

What is the biggest earthquake in the Philippines in 1968?

A magnitude of 7.6 earthquake struck Casiguran, Aurora, on August 2, 1968, at the depth of approximately 31 km. It was considered the most severe and destructive earthquake experienced in the Philippines during the last 20 years.

How many people died in the 1645 earthquake in the Philippines?

Some 600 people were reported dead. An intensity VIII quake struck Luzon on December 5, 1645. It was a major aftershock of the November 30, 1645 Luzon earthquake, and it had further destroyed remaining buildings in Manila and nearby towns. Aftershocks ceased around March 1646. An intensity IX quake struck Southern Luzon on 1648.

Where is the epicenter of the 1949 earthquake in the Philippines?

The epicenter was between the municipalities of Anini-y and Dao (now Tobias Fornier) in Antique province. An intensity VII earthquake struck Luzon, mainly Isabela on December 29, 1949. Starting at 11:05 am, it lasted for two-and-a-half minutes.