What is Grade 595 filter paper used for?

What is Grade 595 filter paper used for?

A thick filter paper with very high loading capacity for fast filtration of medium to coarse precipitates. Offers high absorbency and increased wet strength. Also available prepleated as Grade 591 ½. Popular thin filter papers, Grade 595 provides medium-fast flow rate and fine particle retention.

What is fastfast filter paper?

fast filter paper with high wet strength. It has a very smooth surface making it easy to scrape or wash off precipitate. Resistant against: sulphuric and nitric acid solutions (up to 40% at 50 °C), hydrochloric (up to 10% at 100 °C, 20% at 60 °C, 25% at 20 °C), alkalis (up to 10% at 20 °C). Grade 1574 1⁄2: 4 – 12 μm

What is the pore size of Environmental Express filter paper?

Environmental Express® Washed and Dried TSS/VSS Glass Fiber… Whatman 1001-090 Qualitative Filter Papers; 9.0 cm dia; pore size,… EW-06648-12 Environmental Express ProWeigh® F93447MM Filters, TSS, 47 mm; 1… EW-53200-53 Whatman 1001-110 Qualitative Filter Papers; 11.0 cm dia; pore size,… EW-06648-13

How do I choose the right filter paper?

When selecting a filter paper, determine the particle size to be retained or filtered. Assess the chemical compatibility of the membrane with the liquid or gas to be filtered. Depending on the procedure performed, the filter paper color and surface pattern may be important. Environmental Express® ProWeigh® and ProWeigh® Double Fil…

What are johnsonjohnson test papers cellulose filters made of?

Johnson Test Papers’ cellulose filters are manufactured from the finest available raw materials on the market which includes high quality cotton linters which have been treated to achieve a minimum alpha cellulose content of 95% to maintain guaranteed quality, reproducibility, and uniformity.

What are filter papers made of?

Even in our time of high technology, classical filter papers are being used in many chemical, biological and research laboratories around the world. More often than not they are a piece of complex technology themselves, made of fibre configurations of different materials.