What is DGS&D rate contract?

What is DGS&D rate contract?

DGS&D is the central purchase organization of the Indian government, functioning under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. The DGS&D’s Rate Contracts provide government buyers with bulk rate pricing, saving them the hassle of frequent re-tendering and allowing them to buy at the same rate throughout the year.

What is DGS&D registration?

Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals (DGS&D) under Ministry of Commerce and Industry is a central purchase and quality assurance organisation. List of registered firms, expired registered firms and banned firms is provided.

What is rate contract system?

Rate Contracts. —The Rate Contract is a contract under which, during the period of its currency, the contractor engages to supply materials on demand, irrespective of quantity, at fixed unit rates or prices, within a given period of the receipt of such demand.

What is full form of DGS&D?


What is Cppp portal?

CPPP is Central Public Procurement Portal of Government of India. It can be accessed at https://eprocure.gov.in/cppp/. 2. The primary objective of this portal is to provide a single point access to the information on procurements made across various Ministries / Departments and all the organizations under them.

What is DGS&D certificate?

DGS&D Certification Service is the central purchase organization of the Indian government, functioning under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Its role is to finalize the rate contracts to be used by Government departments to procure items of general use.

How do you find contract rate?

The usual procedure for forming a rate contract involves the issuing of tenders by the purchasing party. The inviting bids are evaluated by the purchaser and the best suited bid is given the tender consequently.

What is the difference between rate and running contract?

What is the difference between rate contract and running contract? – Quora. A rate contract is essentially related to a fixed rate. Thus, within the period of currency of the contract, the contractor has to supply material (irrespective of quantity) at a fixed rate.

What a tender document entails?

Tenders documents may include:

  • A letter of invitation to tender.
  • The form of tender.
  • Preliminaries: including pre-construction information and site waste management plan (if required).
  • The form of contract, contract conditions and amendments.

What is Cppp tender?

How do I cancel a tender in Cppp?

Click on “Publish corrigendum” tab for final publishing of corrigendum. Before the opening of the tender, at any point of time, a tender published earlier can be cancelled. If the TIA decides that the tender need not be executed, POA can cancel the tender.

What is the full form of DG shipping?

The Directorate General of Shipping, India deals with implementation of shipping policy and legislation so as to ensure the safety of life and ships at sea, prevention of marine pollution, promotion of maritime education and training in co-ordination with the International Maritime Organization, regulation of …

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What is the Department of General Services?

The Department of General Services (DGS) makes it easier for government to do business, and Virginians to do business with government, by providing a broad range of services to other state agencies, institutions of higher education, local governments, businesses, and citizens.

What is the Department of Public social services?

The contact person of Department of Public Social Services is na. Department of Public Social Services Customer Support Service Phone Number. The customer support phone number of Department of Public Social Services is 1 818-718-4495 , 1-866-613-3777. (Click phone number to call).

What does the Department of Social services do?

What We Do. The Division of Social Services provides guidance and technical assistance to agencies that provide direct services that address issues of poverty, family violence and exploitation.