What is Busquets role?

What is Busquets role?

Sergio Busquets is a product of the FC Barcelona youth system, he plays as a deep midfielder who dictates the team’s build-up with clever, short and longer passes. When the team attacks, he is always in the centre of the pitch and behind the ball in order to add defensive security to the team.

Where is Sergio Busquets now?

FC Barcelona#5 / Midfielder
Spain national football team#5 / MidfielderCatalonia national football teamMidfielder
Sergio Busquets/Current teams

Are Sergio and Oriol related?

Despite having the same surname and playing in the same position on the field, Oriol Busquets is not related to Barcelona’s legendary midfield, Sergio Busquets.

What does Busquets tattoo mean?

Sergio Busquets Arabic tattoo translates to; “A thing for you, the life in my country”, He dedicates his tattoo to his maternal grandfather to whom both were very close before her death.

Is Sergio Busquets married?

In 2014, Busquets started a relationship with Elena Galera. They have two sons born in 2016 and 2018.

How old is Dani Alves?

38 years (May 6, 1983)
Dani Alves/Age

Barcelona have announced the surprise return of right-back Dani Alves, with the 38-year-old set to rejoin the La Liga side for the rest of the season.

Are Sergio and Oriol Busquets related?

Despite the fact Oriol is no relation to Sergio, he is literally Barcelona’s “next Busquets.” The “next X” tag is horribly and abusively used in football, but it’s quite apt in this scenario. People are surprised to find Oriol and Sergio are not related, as every tangible piece of evidence screams that they are.

What team does Sergio Busquets play for?

Sergio Busquets/Current teams
Sergio Busquets (born 16 July 1988) is a Spanish footballer who plays for Barcelona, as a defensive midfielder.

Who is the best central midfielder Ever?

Greatest Ever: Football: The Top 10 Central Midfielders of All…

  • Zinedine Zidane (FRA)
  • Michel Platini (FRA)
  • Bobby Charlton (ENG)
  • Michael Laudrup (DEN)
  • Raymond Kopa (FRA)
  • Zico (BRA)
  • Lothar Matthaus (GER)
  • Ruud Gullit (NED) Narrowly beating countless other legends onto this list is Ruud Gullit.