What is better than Zabbix?

What is better than Zabbix?

Top 10 Alternatives to Zabbix

  • Datadog.
  • PRTG Network Monitor.
  • Dynatrace.
  • Microsoft System Center.
  • checkmk.
  • LogicMonitor.
  • AppDynamics.
  • Splunk Enterprise.

Is zabbix a fork of Nagios?

Zabbix comes along in 2001. It’s a full-blown development, not a simple Nagios fork, and it’s main characteristic is that it has a very wholistic view on monitoring. It covers performance, not only statuses, which is one of the most significant lacks in Nagios.

What is Zabbix and Nagios?

The Nagios tool is an open-source tool that is a continuous monitoring tool used to monitor the health of system machines, network infrastructure, and architecture. The Zabbix tool is a type of monitoring tool that is used to monitor the network, servers, virtual machine.

What is Nagios and how it works?

Nagios is an open source monitoring system for computer systems. Nagios software runs periodic checks on critical parameters of application, network and server resources. For example, Nagios can monitor memory usage, disk usage, microprocessor load, the number of currently running processes and log files.

How do I monitor Kubernetes with Zabbix?


  1. Copy k8s-stats.py to /etc/zabbix/scripts/ and k8s.conf to /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.d/. Remind to give execute permission to the file: chmod +x k8s-stats.py.
  2. Import Zabbix template (k8s-zabbix-template.xml) to Zabbix server.
  3. Create zabbix user in Kubernetes (can use zabbix-user-example.
  4. Apply template to host.

Is Nagios or Zabbix better for network monitoring?

Zabbix’s visualization is clearly the better of the two. Once you’ve raised a graph on Zabbix the design stands up to almost any other network monitoring product you can think of, making it our number one pick here. Both Nagios and Zabbix have a web-used interface but this is an area where Zabbix has a clear advantage.

What is the difference between Nagios Core and zonezabbix?

Zabbix has its own premium graphs available out-of-the-box. Has its own web-based interface. Convenient to deploy but your interaction with Nagios Core is quite limited. For example, you can do the basics like view network health and generate reports but you can’t do much more.

What is the Zabbix tool?

The Zabbix tool can be categorized into the monitoring application, which is available as open-source used for monitoring the performance of VMs (virtual machine), networks, and servers and capable of monitoring CPU utilization, network utilization and disk consumption on machines.

What is Nagios monitoring tool?

The Nagios is another type of monitoring tool that is also available as an open-source that used for continuous monitoring of the IT components like network, infrastructure, and system and is also used to check the health of the system installed in the network.