What is an AT Premier account?

What is an AT Premier account?

AT Premier is a customizable website where you can conveniently manage, monitor, and purchase wireless devices, plans, and accessories for your organization. And it’s all backed by AT online and phone support. Hands-on control over your wireless account.

How do I pay my AT Premier Bill?

Call 800.331. 0500 or 611 from your mobile phone….

  1. On the Make a Payment page under Payment Method, select Online.
  2. Click AT Premier. The Premier homepage opens.
  3. Click Billing to go to the Billing homepage to make your payment.

Can I have the 1 800 number to AT customer service?

When you have questions about any of your U-verse services or programming, either log on to uversecentral.att.com, or call us at 1-800-288-2020 for assistance, including 24 x 7 technical support.

How do I cancel my AT Premier account?

To cancel a wireless line of service, call Premier Customer Service at 800.331. 0500 or dial 611 from your wireless device. 1. On the Premier homepage, from the I want to list on the taskbar, select Cancel/resume.

How do I set up a AT Premier account?

How do I register for Premier?

  1. Go to the Premier Log In page and click Register now to obtain a Premier username and password.
  2. Enter your wireless number.
  3. On the Registration page, enter the PIN, and then click Continue.
  4. Enter the required information, and then click Continue.

How do I get an AT business account?

A valid Federal Tax ID Number (aka Employer Identification Number) and at least one (1) Corporate Responsibility User (CRU) is required. To create your AT Mobile Business agreement, start shopping or speak to an AT representative at 866.429. 7222.

Is there an app for AT Premier?

You can use the app on compatible tablets and smartphones with: iOS 10.3 and up. Android® 5.0 and up.

How do I speak to a live person at AT?

AT Connect provides 24/7 technical support for our customers….AT Connect Customer Care Contact Information.

Web Conferencing Customer Care Toll-Free 1-888-796-6118
Billing & Invoice Inquiries Toll-Free 1-800-722-3481

How do I contact AT Loyalty Department?

Premier Support for Platinum tier customers only who call 611 or 1-800-331-0500. Limited to English calls for service, sales, and retention.

How can I get out of my AT& T contract?

How to Cancel Your AT Contract

  1. Within the first 30 days.
  2. Wait out the contract.
  3. Watch for an increase in rates.
  4. Move to a location without service.
  5. Sell the contract.
  6. Sell your hardware to cover the ETF.
  7. Cancel the account directly with AT.
  8. Transfer your existing phone number.

How do I remove a phone from my AT account?

Change or remove AT wireless features

  1. Go to Account & services > My wireless.
  2. Scroll and select the device you want to manage.
  3. Select Manage device & features.
  4. Under My current features, select See feature for the feature you’d like to manage.
  5. Select the feature you’d like to change to OR select Remove.

What is AT Business Wireline?

Wireline service uses cables, or data lines, to connect service to your office space. Wireless service doesn’t use cables, so it’s available anywhere, anytime. We offer a variety of bundles that include both wireline and wireless services, so can have the convenience of one-stop shopping and a single bill. Wireline.