What is ADEMCO Contact ID?

What is ADEMCO Contact ID?

Ademco Contact ID is the most popular protocol that allows alarm systems to be able to communicate with Central Stations.

What is a Contact ID alarm?

Contact ID is a protocol, it contains user ID information and alarm information, as well as alarm system’s status information.

What is SIA fsk?

DTMF tones, pulsed tones, and frequency-shift keying (FSK) are common signaling methods used throughout these SIA protocols. This application note is written on the presumption that the reader is already familiar with SIA protocols.

What is SIA protocol?

SIA DC-09 is a two-way protocol for communication with the CMS that provides for AES 128-bit encryption. When using the SIA DC-09 protocol, the Ajax Translator is not required to communicate hub events to the station. Communication of events in SIA DC-09 format is feasible if the CMS software supports this protocol.

What is SIA communication?

SIA DC-04-2000.05 The basic form of this communication conveys information such as alarms, alarm cancels, troubles, and restorals. This involves transferring information records from the control to the central station, and receiving acknowledgments from the receiver for each record.

What is Ademco Contact ID protocol?

“Contact ID” was the communication protocols embedded in ADEMCO security products for alarm communication, thus it became a standard protocol in intrusion & fire alarm industry. With ADEMCO “Contact ID” protocols, different manufacturer’s alarm products are compatible each other, this made a huge progress in alarm industry.

Are the alarm systems compatible with Contact ID protocol?

If the alarm systems are compatible with “Contact ID”, that means the alarm can connect to any Contact ID compatible central monitoring station for alarm monitoring. As we know, all security companies’central stations are supporting “Contact ID” protocol.

What happened to adademco?

ADEMCO had been the world leader in security. The company was one of sub-division of pittway corporation. Honeywell made the acquisition of the pittway corporation dated in February 2000.