What is a zonar tablet?

What is a zonar tablet?

The Tab Active 2 comes with Zonar Logs, an easy-to-use Hours-of-Service (HoS) app that tracks drive time and provides a verified record of driver logs. On the tablet, drivers can: track and view their hours. submit their HoS logs. easily present and transfer HoS records during roadside inspection.

What does Zonar do?

Fleet Optimization Vehicle tracking, asset utilization, route optimization and more. Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving Speeding, hard-braking, engine idling alerts, driving efficiency and more. Driver Productivity In-cab driver tablets and applications to assist with every aspect of a driver’s job responsibilities.

How do I update zonar?

How to Update Your Vehicle ECM Software

  1. Tap the Zonar OTAir app on your mobile device.
  2. Enter the VIN in one of two ways:
  3. Tap SUBMIT.
  4. If an ECM update is available, you will be prompted to read the safety and equipment requirements for the software update.
  5. Tap BEGIN ECM UPDATE to start the update.

How do you use zonar 2010?


  1. Press READ/ENTER button.
  2. Place your Zonar ID Card within 2 inches of the Zonar 2010’s spotlights.
  3. Press any button after reviewing System Info screen.
  4. Select inspection configuration using the Right button on the desired inspection. (
  5. Wait for Report History screen to appear.

What is zonar EVIR?

Zonar Launches Next Generation of EVIR, Based on its Patented, Industry-Leading Platform. Zonar today announced the availability of the next generation of its electronic verified inspection reporting (EVIR®) solution. New mobile EVIR available for tetherless inspections on owned and rented assets. Seattle Wash.

How do I reset my zonar?

Power down your device. Hold the Home and Volume Up buttons, then press and hold the Power button until the Android logo appears. After about 30 seconds, a blue screen will load the Android Recovery Menu. Press the Volume Down to select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”.

How do you reset a zonar?

To do this, hold down the power button for three seconds and select the Reboot option. Once this is complete, you will have to log in again, then check to see if the problem is alleviated. If the problem still occurs, power down the tablet, restart it, and log in again.

What does eDVIR stand for?

Electronic driver vehicle inspection reports — or eDVIR, for short — takes all the benefits of their paper-focused counterparts but adding in the comfort of modern technology.