What is a three letter word for mimic?

What is a three letter word for mimic?

Mimic Crossword Clue

Answer Letters Options
Mimic with 3 Letters
APE 3 found
Mimic with 4 Letters
APER 4 found

Can you damage with 3 letters?

Do damage to : 3 answers – Crossword-Clue

Do damage to MAR 3
Do damage to HARM 4
Do damage to IMPAIR 6

What is an insect with 3 letters?

insect Crossword Clue

Answer Letters Options
insect with 3 Letters
BEE 3 found
FLY 3 found
ANT 3 found

What is gregarious bird?

adjective. Gregarious animals or birds normally live in large groups. Snow geese are very gregarious birds.

What is a word for mimic?

Some common synonyms of mimic are ape, copy, imitate, and mock. While all these words mean “to make something so that it resembles an existing thing,” mimic implies a close copying (as of voice or mannerism) often for fun, ridicule, or lifelike imitation.

What does it mean to mimic someone?

verb (used with object), mim·icked, mim·ick·ing. to imitate or copy in action, speech, etc., often playfully or derisively. to be an imitation of; simulate; resemble closely.

What are tiny hill dwellers?

4 letter answer(s) to tiny hill dwellers ANTS.

What do you call a group of workmen?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for GROUP OF WORKMEN [gang]

What animal has 3 letters in its name?

bee, ant, ape, man, boy, ass, cow, ewe, sow, doe, yak, tit, hen, cob, pen, bat, eel, cod, jay, kit, kid, nit, pup, emu.

Is gregariousness a word?

gre·gar·i·ous. adj. 1. Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable.

Is ostentatious a negative word?

Ostentatious comes from a Latin word meaning “display,” and the idea of display is still very apparent in the English word as it is currently used. The word is not compliment.