What is a Studbook Keeper?

What is a Studbook Keeper?

Studbook keepers maintain the pedigree and demographic history of a specifically defined taxon such as the genus, species, sub-species or other specific captive population.

What does an aza regional Studbook Keeper do?

All AZA Regional Studbook Keepers work directly with the associated TAG, all AZA institutions, participating non-AZA institutions, the Animal Population Management (APM) Committee, and the AZA Conservation, Management, & Welfare Sciences Department.

Where can I find information about studbooks?

AZA members can search the Animal Program Database to download Studbooks and other Program information. Each Studbook is maintained by a Studbook Keeper, appointed by its corresponding TAG or SSP.

What is an international studbook?

They represent the highest level of global monitoring and management and provide a valuable service to the zoological community. Currently, there are more than 130 active international studbooks, including more than 140 species or sub-species.