What is a Pandrol clip?

What is a Pandrol clip?

Pandrol clips are in a category called elastic fasteners. They are responsible for attaching the rail to the base plate so the rail cannot move vertically or horizontally with respect to the base plate. Standard track spikes will rise over time releasing that contact between the base plate and the base of the rail.

What is the weight of Pandrol clip?

The CD200 IQ also has a patented built-in sleeper lift function, enabling the operator to lift low-lying sleepers of 50 mm….Key Facts.

Length 2100 mm
Weight e-Clip tool 115 kg

How do you attach Pandrol clips?


  1. First, place the pad in the rail seat after making sure both are clean and free of debris.
  2. Next install the rail and tamp the tie.
  3. Then start the elastic clip from the right side of the shoulder by hand or set with a few taps of a sledge hammer.

What are railroad clips made of?

Usually rail clips are made of forged spring steel which is produced by hot forging process. Because of the uniform microstructure of forged clips, it is considered to be better than other metal forming process.

What is a Pandrol?

Pandrol is a global rail technology company, founded in 1953 and operating in over 100 countries worldwide, with over 400 railway systems having adopted its products. They are also an industry leader in aluminothermic welding, whereby metals are rapidly heated to repair and connect pieces of rail.

What is a Pandrol plate?

Pandrol tie plates are designed for use with the company’s “e” and PR rail fastening systems with 5-1/2-inch or 6-inch base rails. The plates are rolled to AREMA specifications and have a 1:40 cant. Standard or special punching is available with square holes or round holes for screw spikes.

What is distressing temperature in railway?

1.11 Distressing Temps re tars (td) is the average rail temperature during the period of fastening the rails to the sleepers after Distressing LWR without the use of rail tenser.

What is PRC sleeper?

PCS-12 is the latest type of prestressed concrete (PRC) sleeper for use on BG routes with 52-kg rails and elastic rail clips. For use with 60-kg rails and elastic rail clips, the PCS-14 sleeper has been standardized on Indian Railways. The important dimensions of both of these types of sleepers are shown in Fig.

What kind of steel are railroad anchors?

spring steel
Rail anchor, also called railway anticreeper or railroad spring steel clip, is made of one-piece spring steel or equal, heat-treated and designed to eliminate creepage of track.

What type of steel is a railroad clip?

Rail clips, also called elastic rail clips, are used to connect steel rail and railway sleepers. As a basic part of rail fastening system, rail clip has a lot of types, such as E-type rail clip, SKL rail clip, Nabla rail clip, KPO rail clip and other non-standards clips. Commonly, rail clips is made of spring steel.

Who invented the Pandrol clip?

Per Pande-Rolfsen
The Pandrol clip was patented in 1957 by a Norwegian railways engineer, Per Pande-Rolfsen. It is now common worldwide. The original clip is now called the PR-clip, which was superseded by a system called E-Clip.

Where are Pandrol’s E-clip systems made?

Pandrol’s original design e-Clip systems are manufactured to one global standard and are produced worldwide at Pandrol’s various manufacturing facilities. Despite e-Clip being superseded by the pre-assembled Pandrol Fastclip systems, these fastenings are still popular in many countries.

What is Pandrol connect?

Created in 2017 by our product development team in Raismes, Pandrol Connect modernises aluminothermic welding through digital traceability and provides on-track support for welders.

Why choose Pandrol Vanguard?

Noise and vibration mitigation became a priority for contractors in the 1990s. In response, Pandrol developed the Vanguard system, which isolates the track from the underlying structures. The first installation was on the London Underground in 1999, and has since become the system of choice for underground and metro systems around the world.