What is a good Mafia boss name?

What is a good Mafia boss name?

10 of the Most Powerful Mob Bosses of All Time

  • Al Capone. Photo: Getty Images.
  • Bugsy Siegel. Photo: Getty Images.
  • Lucky Luciano. Photo: Slim Aarons/Getty Images.
  • Photo: Willie Anderson/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images.
  • Vito Genovese. Photo: Louis C.
  • Frank Costello. Photo: Getty Images.
  • Tony Accardo.
  • Sam Giancana.

Is American mafia still active?

It also remains heavily active in Chicago and has a significant and powerful presence in other Midwestern metropolitan areas such as Kansas City, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Cleveland, and St. Louis. Outside of these areas, the Mafia is also very active in Florida, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

What do you call a female Mafia boss?

comare: literally “godmother” in Southern Italian slang, usually pronounced “goomah” or “goomar” in American English: a Mafia mistress. confirm: to be made; see made guy.

Why do mobsters have mistresses?

Traditionally, part of the Mafia code is to keep the wives and mothers out of the loop of confidences for their own safety and because the mother, in these devoutly Catholic zones, is the Madonna, the pure being; one reason, experts say, why mobsters take mistresses is to have a woman they feel free to confide in.

Is there a gang name generator for street gangs?

This gang name generator however will not distinguish, unless an idea pops up by accident that fits particularly well to a certain group. Whether you’re creating a street gang or mafia, you should get plenty of name ideas from this tool. Enjoy! What are good gang names? There’s thousands of random gang names in this generator.

How many mobster names does this name generator generate?

This name generator will generate 10 random names for mobsters. The names are mostly Italian, Italian-American and American, but there are various other names as well. The nicknames are either based on real mobster nicknames or they are real mobster nicknames.

Can you generate male and female Mafia names?

These will all be proper first and second names with the odd nickname thrown in the middle. You can use the gender selector to generate male and female Mafia names. Maybe it’s time a story had a female Mafia Don. Coming up with a cool name for a Mafia boss is hard enough if you don’t know much about Italy.

What is another name for the Italian-American Mafia?

In North America, the Italian-American Mafia may be colloquially referred to as simply “the Mafia” or “the Mob”.