What is a GCMS drug test?

What is a GCMS drug test?

Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) Detection of therapeutic and abused drugs. This test is used primarily as a confirmation of a Preliminary Drug Screen, or ordered in combination with the Preliminary Screen as part of the Comprehensive Drug Screen.

How accurate is GC MS drug testing?

The accuracy of the GC/MS confirmatory test is virtually 100% from a scientific standpoint. With the use of this two-step process and professional, accredited laboratories to eliminate human error in the process, there should be no concern regarding the accuracy of drug tests.

What can Gas Chromatography determine on a hair sample?

– Chemical tests preformed on hair, such as gas chromatography, can identify and quantify drugs, toxins, heavy metals, and even assess nutritional deficiencies. – When the follicle or even a portion of the shaft of a hair is present, DNA evidence may be obtained from it, which may lead to individual identification.

Can a GC MS test be wrong?

Most of these drug tests are for screening and are followed by confirmatory gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) tests. Periodically, GC/MS tests can have false-positive results. Such results could have clinical implications for physicians. Case report.

How long does GC MS take?

Either gaseous or liquid samples, as small as several micro-liters, can be analyzed. And the whole process of GC/MS analysis takes about one hour or less, depending on the complexity of the compound to be analyzed. The two major components of GC/MS are the gas chromatograph and the mass spectrometer.

What is GC MS drug test and how is it done?

What is GC MS Drug Test? The gc/ms test is a preformed to gather more detailed and specific information on drugs that are detected. It’s a secondary step that confirms any drug metabolites that were detected by the initial screening. If the first test comes up clean, no GC-MS test is done.

What is a drug test for hair follicle?

Hair follicle drug test is a two-tier testing method, which analyzes a range of hair samples to detect alcohol, nicotine, THC metabolite, or traces of other drugs. Step one is analyzing the sample using ELISA test, and the second is a confirmatory GC-MS test to rule out possible false positive drug test results.

Can a hair drug test detect one-time drug use?

It is unlikely for a hair test to detect one-time drug use. Hair drug tests are a good solution to screen occasional or frequent substance abuse, as recurrent drug use will more likely meet a hair test’s minimum drug concentration cutoff levels.

What is the difference between a hair drug and eTG drug test?

Urine drug tests can only identify drug use for approximately a week into an individual’s recent past. For that reason, hair drug or hair alcohol EtG tests are better suited to detect binge or chronic drug usage over a more extended period of time.