What is a FZ6R?

What is a FZ6R?

Street-ready Sport Bike The FZ6R is a great combination of performance, handling, and exciting sport bike style, but also with a low seat height that’s both adjustable to fit a wider variety of riders and also narrower where it counts to make it even easier to put both feet on the ground.

Is the YZF-R6 Supersport better than the FZ6R?

Less naked than the similarly priced FZ-07 with less performance than the similarly sized YZF -R6, the FZ6R finds its place in the balance. The front end is sporty enough with a look not unlike the YZF-R6 supersport with a sharp entry and cyclops headlight leading the way.

What size tires does a Yamaha FZ6R have?

Yamaha FZ6R Specs. The FZ6R rolls on 120/70R 17-inch front and a 160/16R 17-inch rear tires. Traction was never a problem and the narrower rear tire profile likely helped with the sharp, quick steering.

What is the seating position on the FZ6R?

Seating position on the FZ6R is comfortable and roomy and allows the rider to move around and get aggressive when the road calls for it. The seat has separate front and rear sections, and the rider’s seat features a height adjustment mechanism; it can be set 3/4 of an inch higher for taller riders.

What is the difference between the Yammie CBR and the FZ6R?

Both carry 41 mm front ends, but suspension travel falls off a bit on the CBR with only 4.3 inches of travel versus 5.1 inches on the FZ6R. The Red Riders get serious with the brakes; a pair of massive, 320 mm discs and dual-pot calipers slow the front wheel, a bit bigger than the 298 mm discs on the Yammie.