What is a DuraStar engine?

What is a DuraStar engine?

International Durastar

An International DuraStar in use as a moving van
Manufacturer Navistar International Corporation
Engine(s) Diesel
Transmission(s) Manual Automatic
Wheelbase 128–254 inches (3,251–6,452 mm)

How much does a DuraStar 4300 weight?

GVW. 23,500 – 44,600 lbs.

Do you need a CDL for a International 4700?

It does not require a CDL. If your truck is below the 26,000 gvw mark, but you add any kind of a trailer behind it, you are now above the 26,000 gcwr.

How many pallets can fit on a 26ft straight truck?

12 pallets
A 26ft truck can fit up to 12 pallets conveniently so if you have heavy goods, make sure the pallets have high load capacity.

Why the International® DuraStar®?

From transporting mowers and backhoes to hauling sod and sycamores, the International® DuraStar® provides the medium-duty versatility you want to meet the needs of your customers while exceeding the demands you’ve set for your business. Just because you work with wires, doesn’t mean your job has to be a balancing act.

What is a DuraStar® truck?

DuraStar® is the only truck in its class built to deliver for your business. Pickup & Delivery Streets & Sanitation When lives are on the line, you need to be ready.

How much does a DuraStar 4300 cab & chassis cost?

2008 INTERNATIONAL DURASTAR 4300 Cab & Chassis Trucks For Sale Price: USD $11,500

Is your rig ready for DuraStar®?

And trust that your rig will be ready too. The Diamond Logic® integrated system on a DuraStar® continuously monitors critical functions to ensure safe, efficient vehicle operations. Providing confidence when it matters most. Keeping your customers’ shelves stocked means keeping your delivery trucks moving.