What is a discovery hospital plan?

What is a discovery hospital plan?

A value-for-money hospital plan that provides unlimited private hospital cover and essential cover for chronic medicine with no day-to-day cover. The most cost-effective in-hospital cover, essential chronic medicine cover plus limited day-to-day cover if you’re willing to use providers in a specified network.

What is the best Discovery Health Plan?

For Discovery, its Classic Saver plan is by far the most popular, with 680,000 beneficiaries (25%) attached to the plan. Half of all Discovery beneficiaries are on a Saver plan, which bundles in medical savings for a higher monthly contribution (a portion of the fee goes into savings).

What is the most affordable hospital plan in South Africa?

Here are SA’s three cheapest hospital plans for 2020 and what they cover….SA’s 3 cheapest hospital medical aid plans for 2022.

Fedhealth flexiFED 1 Elect: R3 496
Genesis Private Choice: R3 690
Bonitas Bonessential Select: R4 194

What are the different discovery plans?

Classic Priority

  • Executive Plan.
  • Classic Comprehensive Plan.
  • Classic Delta Comprehensive Plan.
  • Classic Smart Comprehensive.
  • Essential Comprehensive Plan.
  • Essential Delta Comprehensive Plan.
  • Classic Priority Plan.
  • Essential Priority Plan.

Does Discovery have a hospital plan?

All Discovery Medical Health Scheme plans offer unlimited private hospital cover. Discovery Health Medical Scheme offers 23 different plan options, ranging from a simple hospital plan like our Core Series, to more comprehensive medical aid plans that include additional day-to-day benefits and cover.

How many members does Discovery Health have?

1.33 million members
Discovery remains the largest medical scheme in the country, with 1.33 million members and 2.76 million beneficiaries.

Is Discovery a medical scheme?

Discovery Health Medical Scheme – South Africa’s leading medical aid. The Discovery Health Medical Scheme offers the widest choice of health plans, all with unlimited private hospital cover and a range of benefits to suit your needs and your pocket.

Is Genesis a good medical aid?

Genesis Medical Scheme is rated among the best because of its ability to offer great value for money as well as cater for different needs of subscribers.

Which is better medical aid or hospital plan?

A hospital plan is more affordable than a comprehensive medical aid, so it may be a good option for lower-income or healthier individuals who want access to private healthcare.

What does Discovery coastal plan cover?

Offers cover in any coastal hospital in SA with no overall limit, international emergency travel and evacuation services in certain African countries. Suitable for those that require a hospital plan with a self-managed savings account for out-of-hospital expenses. …

What is the best affordable medical aid in South Africa?


# Plan Per Month
1 Fedhealth Maxima Standard Elect R3 099
2 Fedhealth Maxima Standard R3 741
3 Discovery Essential Delta Comprehensive R4 539
4 Momentum Extender: Associated Hospitals, Chronic: State R4 655

Which is the best medical aid scheme in South Africa?

In the 2021 index, Bestmed emerges as the leader on overall customer satisfaction, with all other schemes performing on or below industry par. Based on the customer satisfaction ratings, Bestmed attained a score of 76.7, above the industry par score of 73.5.

What are the different hospital plans available on Discovery Health?

There are three different hospital plans only options on Discovery Health. These hospital plan medical aids are within the Core Series. It includes : Classic Core and Classic Delta Core Essential Core and Classic Delta Core All hospital plans also offer a chronic illness benefit but there is no day-to-day cover.

Why choose a discovery medical aid plan?

Discovery medical aid plans offer several value-added services, including life insurance, retirement savings schemes, car, and motor vehicle insurance, and of course Medical Insurance. Discovery Medical Insurance has become highly developed and specialized to give the highest possible customer experience.

What is the waiting period for a Discovery Health Medical Scheme claim?

Discovery Health Medical Scheme’s general waiting period is three consecutive months (during which they will not accept any claims from the customer), and the condition-specific waiting period is 12 consecutive months during which they will observe the health of the customer and his preexisting condition.

Which medical aid scheme offers the best hospital plans South Africa?

The Medical Aid Schemes which offer the best hospital plans South Africa, together with the names of the options under which they offer these plans, are as follows: Classic Core, Coastal Core, Essential Core, Classic Delta, Essential Delta, Keycare Core Network Option. Maxima Entryzone (network hospitals only), Maxima Core.