What is a 115v axial fan?

What is a 115v axial fan?

The high speed 120 by 120 by 25 millimeter 115V AC axial fan is housed in die cast aluminum with thermoplastic blades. Containing long life dual ball bearings, the fan can run continuously for 67,000 hours and be mounted in any direction. Has terminal connectors and can be plugged into a standard outlet with a fan power cord, sold separately.

What kind of engine does a 190cc have?

This 190cc is a 4 valve, 62mm bore x 62 mm stroke engine from Daytona Motor Co. Close ratio transmission, auto decomp cam and reinforced crankcases.

What is the difference between high speed fans and low speed fans?

UL recognized under directory E194726. High speed fans deliver more air but are louder than low speed fans of the same size. They are more suitable in applications where maximizing airflow is the primary objective and a louder noise level is tolerable.