What is a 11 24 in police code?

What is a 11 24 in police code?

Abandoned automobile
11-24 Abandoned automobile. 11-25 Traffic hazard.

What does 11 41 mean in police code?

11-40 – Advise if ambulance needed. 11-41 – Request ambulance. 11-42 – Ambulance not required/Paramedics needed. 11-43 – Doctor required. 11-44 – Possible fatality.

What’s a code 11?

Code 11 is a barcode symbology developed by Intermec in 1977. It is used primarily in telecommunications. The valid codes have one wide bar, and may have one additional wide element (bar or space).

What is a code 21 in a hospital?

Place of service code 21 is used in medical billing for all inpatient hospital care. Admittance of a patient to the hospital will make it necessary to use the inpatient hospital POS code 21. Many medical billers get confused when the emergency department comes into play.

What is code 11 in emergency room?

Inpatient status codes are national and are entered in FL 17 on the UB-04, status 11 was actually changed in 2004 to status 02 and currently status 11 is “reserved for national assignment”.

What are the 11 codes in a police report?

Police Radio 11-Codes Code Description 11-6 Illegal discharge of firearms 11-7 Prowler 11-8 Person down 11-10 Take a report

What is § 21-21 of the California Penal Code?

§21-21. Prohibited act a misdemeanor, when. §21-22. Gross injuries – Grossly disturbing peace – Openly outraging public decency – Injurious acts not expressly forbidden. §21-23. Repealed by Laws 1970, c. 199, § 2.

What does code 10-22 mean on a police report?

Police codes Code Meaning 10-22 Disregard 10-23 Arrived at Scene 10-24 Assignment Completed 10-25 Report to (Meet)

What is section 21-51a of the Texas Penal Code?

§21-51.1. Second and subsequent offenses after conviction of offense punishable by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary. §21-51.1a. Second offense of rape in the first degree, forcible sodomy, lewd molestation or sexual abuse of a child.