What if Sirius Black raised Harry?

What if Sirius Black raised Harry?

He would probably learn to have fun. He would be more confident and he would care for his own safety more, because unlike what some might think Sirius was pretty strict when it came to Harry’s safety. Sirius would teach him to be a better duellist and learn more about war and survival. He wouldn’t be kept in the dark.

What if Harry Potter was a girl Snape?

Snape Wouldn’t Hate Her So Much Harry reminded Snape of James, but if Harry had been a girl, he may have reminded Snape of Lily instead. Meaning Snape would have been a lot more eager to protect and help girl Harry throughout the series.

What is Dramione fanfiction?

Following my article earlier this year on 50 must-read Harry Potter fan fictions, I’ve decided to narrow in on my favourite ship: Dramione! This is a portmanteau for Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. It’s extraordinarily popular: there are roughly 68,000 Dramione fics on Fanfiction.net alone.

Who are the Fancast marauders?

Marauders Era Fancast

  • Sirius Black – Ben Barnes.
  • Remus Lupin – Andrew Garfield.
  • Severus Snape – Adam Driver.
  • Petter Pettigrew – Jamie Bell.
  • Lily Evans – Karen Gillian.
  • Regulus Black – Skandar Keynes.
  • Marlene Mckinnon – Freya Mavor.
  • Dorcas Meadowes – Aisha Hart.

Who’s top in Drarry?

Four years ago, in 2015, @snowgall made an analysis about who topped more in drarry fanfics. They found that Harry topped much more frequently overall, but also that the ratio between Harry topping and Draco topping was starting to even out, and potentially trend towards parity.

Why Harry Potter is not a girl?

Rowling decided to make Harry a boy because Harry was a boy when he ”strolled into Rowling’s head”. It was never a choice. He just happened to be a boy. It started with him, and then the rest of the story was built around his character.

What happened to Sirius Black and James Potter?

Sirius has given up revenge in favour of raising Harry, while James has returned as a ghost. Please read and review, all comments will be greatly appreciated. Sirius slumped at the table eyes wandering across peeling paintwork.

What happens to Sirius Black in Azkaban?

Eight years ago Sirius Black made a promise. Now he is in Azkaban, trying to hold on to the remains of his sanity. But then something happens to Harry and Sirius wakes up. Two scarred souls – or three?

Who raised Harry Potter?

Home Community Books Harry Potter Harry is raised by Sirius or Remus! Harry is raised by Sirius or Remus! Follow . Pre and during Hogwarts! I searched hours to find fics like this and I knew other people would too so I thought why not help everyone out and put them all in one place!

Will Sirius be able to raise Harry?

Sirius is finally free at last and be able to raise Harry. He finds there is more to his godson then meets the eye. Can the two of them finally be a family at last?