What happened Authentic Pigment?

What happened Authentic Pigment?

announced its Alpha division will be upgrading the quality of several styles of shirts in its Authentic Pigment shirt line, without increasing the price. Plus, all Authentic Pigment styles are garment-dyed, which means less dye, water and energy are used in the creating the styles.

What is a pigment dyed T shirt?

Pigment dye is a post-production process that means your shirt already exists. It’s not really dyeing because instead of dyes pigments are attached to the garment with the use of binders and locked into the surface of the fabric with ionic attachment instead of embedding into the fabric.

Can you use pigments to dye clothes?

Pigments are insoluble, so mixing them with a liquid makes them easier to spread with an even texture. The key thing to remember with pigment dye is it isn’t used to dye fabric. It’s used to paint a t-shirt or hoodie after they have been made. Clothing made from fabric painted with pigment dyes will fade with use.

Is dye the same as pigment?

The major difference between dyes and pigments is the particle size. Dyes are much finer than pigments. Pigments, on the other hand, consist of extremely fine particles of ground coloring matter suspended in liquid which forms a paint film that actually bonds to the surface it is applied to.

How can you tell if garment is dyed?

In general, garment-dyed clothes have a cool washed-out look. Since some interior tags are attached before the garment-dyeing process, you may find that they’re the same color as the piece. Seams may be another clue, since dye also coats sewing thread during the coloring process.

Can you pigment dye at home?

Unlike the silk paints we carry, you can heat-set the Pigment Dyes in a home dryer or with a quick 1-3 minute run-over with an iron. The Pigment Dyes don’t spread as much as other silk dyes and paints, making it easier to do detail work without the use of resists. Alcohol and salt techniques work as well.

How is a dye different from a pigment how are the two similar?

The main difference between dye and pigment is that dye molecules are very small whereas pigments are much larger. Therefore, dyes easily dissolve in water and many solvents while pigments do not dissolve in water. Dye and pigment are two types of compounds which can impart a color to a material.

Are pigment inks waterproof?

Pigment inks tend to be lighter in colour than dye they are more water-resistant while producing a truer solid black than dye. Es-pecially when the label is exposed to UV light for many months, the pigment ink holds its colour, quality and vibrancy better than dye.

Do garment dyed clothes fade?

It works harder, ages more gracefully than any other fabric and acquires fades and patina from sunlight and daily wear. In workwear-influenced pieces, garment dyeing adds surface interest and texture by fading and slightly puckering the seams.

How are T shirts dyed?

Piece-dyeing is the process of dyeing “piece goods.” First, the t-shirt fabric is knitted in a natural cotton color and put onto rolls. Next, the fabric is unrolled in a dye bath to achieve the desired color. The fabric is then framed (stretched to the intended width specification) and re-rolled.

What are authentic pigment shirts?

Authentic Pigment Shirts are an ideal pick for clothing brands in search of a quality garment-dyed selection of colors and styles to choose from. The outstanding design and feel of Authentic Pigment Shirts can be compared to other high-quality cotton t-shirts from other well-known brands like Gildan’s Comfort Colors.

Are pigment dyed cotton shirts soft?

Their pigment dyed cotton shirts are made to be comfortably soft, with many attractive solid & muted colors for a vintage or classic look. Check out the Ringer T’s for a classic look and great fitting t-shirt! Ringer T’s emphasize a muscular build and look great on the torso.

Why choose all authentic pigment?

All Authentic Pigment’s products are designed with top quality fabrics and at very affordable prices. Authentic Pigment Shirts are an ideal pick for clothing brands in search of a quality garment-dyed selection of colors and styles to choose from.

How do I order authentic pigment from the factory store?

So order Authentic Pigment today from The Factory Store at Name Brand Apparel .com! To begin shopping, click the gold button above then pick from the list of Brands or Products on either side of the main page. Or use the Product Search box if you know the product’s stock number.